Ed Sheeran opens up about Eminem’s warm personality and reveals their unreleased musical gem

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In an exclusive interview, global superstar Ed Sheeran peeled back the curtain on his longstanding friendship with rap icon Eminem. The two artists, each a powerhouse in their own right, have shared a connection that transcends music. Sheeran, known for his soulful ballads and chart-topping hits, revealed a side of Eminem that fans rarely glimpse: his warm and genuine personality.

The buzz around their unreleased collaboration has been building for years. Fans have eagerly awaited a joint project from these musical heavyweights. Sheeran, who has consistently championed authenticity in his work, emphasized the importance of a personal connection before collaborating with anyone.

" I have a rule, he shared, if I’m going to do a song with someone, I have to know them, even with the Eminem collaboration."

The track, which remains under wraps, was a labor of love. Sheeran recorded his part and sent it off to Eminem, who added his signature verses. But there was a twist: the two hadn’t met in person yet.

"It’s so weird when you’re being interviewed, Sheeran explained, and you have to say you’ve not met and just done the song over the internet."

As it turns out, this particular collaboration took longer than anticipated. Sheeran sent Eminem the song in March 2016, and the wait began. It wasn’t until March 2017 that he received an email from Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, confirming their joint effort. The anticipation had built to a crescendo, and fans were hungry for the magic that these two artists would create together.

Beyond the studio, Sheeran shared glimpses of Eminem’s warmth.

"He’s genuine, Sheeran said. We bonded over Marvel Comics and our shared hometowns."

Their friendship blossomed, and the collaboration became more than just a song—it was a testament to their mutual respect and admiration.

While the unreleased track remains shrouded in mystery, fans can’t help but wonder when they’ll finally get to hear it. Sheeran’s eyes light up when he talks about the project.

"It’s special, he said. When it’s ready, the world will know."