Killer Mike sets the record straight on his relationship with Governor Brian Kemp

Rapper Killer Mike's recent comments on The View spark controversy

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Recently, Rapper Killer Mike appeared on The View, where he talked about his relationship with governor Brian Kemp, a well-known and controversial Republican figure. An exchange of heated words took place between the artist who won a Grammy and the hosts, especially over the question of his possible support for Kemp. 

Killer Mike explained that while Kemp is the governor of his state but that doesn't necessarily mean that he tacitly approves the job he does. He pointed out the need to dispel misinformation about his political position, showing his previous support for Democratic candidates.

"He’s the governor of my state, I have to be involved with him, I can’t divorce myself,” he continued. “But let me say this, if you criticize someone, don’t lie. Don’t say I didn’t support [Stacey] Abrams because I did. Don’t say I don’t support Democrats because I’ve helped get three Democratic mayors elected, two state representatives elected, but if someone is in the king’s seat, I’m not going to not have dinner with the king on behalf of my people. I have to do that"

In a separate incident, Killer Mike's decision not to endorse President Joe Biden also drew attention. During the same appearance on The View, he expressed his reluctance to be involved in what he referred to as the "soap opera" of federal elections.

Instead, he emphasized the significance of focusing on local communities and elections, such as the mayoral race in Atlanta. This perspective led to a clash with the hosts, who urged him to consider the accomplishments of the Biden administration for the Black community.

"We get caught up in the soap opera of federal elections and that’s fine, but if you are concerned with the federal election, and you don’t know your city council, your wardsman, you don’t know who your mayor is, and you don’t have a good list of state representatives or governor, then you’re just a part of whoever wins the Super Bowl, the fanfare,” he responded during his media appearance"

Killer Mike's decision to meet with Kemp in September 2020 drew criticism from Democrats, given Kemp's history of voter suppression and accusations of stealing an election from Stacey Abrams. However, Killer Mike defended himself, stating that he needed to work with Kemp due to his role as the governor and that he was checking up on his dollars at work. During the meeting, they discussed human trafficking in Georgia and how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected small businesses and the music industry

Overall, Killer Mike's relationship with Kemp and his political stance have not significantly affected his fans' views of him. However, his interactions with political figures have sparked debate and divided opinions among his fans. He has emphasized the importance of local engagement and has clarified that he does not endorse Kemp or the Republican party.

Killer Mike L, better known as Michael Render, is a Atlanta-based activist and rapper who has cemented his reputation both in music and beyond. He became eminent with a duo of rapper called Run The Jewels – together with the producer El-P – and they have already made four well-received albums. He's also a great member of Run the Jewels and has become a well known solo artist. In 2024 he got the award from Grammys for "The Best Rap Album" for his album "Michael." He also got "Best Rap Performance" and "Best Rap Song" for "Scientists & Engineers", which features Andre 3000, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane

Killer Mike has become admired for the fact his activism, as he spoke about against white supremacy, Black inequality, race relations, and also put his support to Sen. Bernie Sanders's 2016 Presidential campaign. Along with that, he has become the host of "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike" on the Netflix network.

On the night he received the Grammy Awards, Killer Mike was apprehended by police for being involved in an altercation at the Grammy Awards. As the arrest did not affected the legal validity of his awards, he was released on his own recognizance.