Killer Mike respond to Kai Cenat and Adin Ross's reaction to his Grammy win

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The two live streamers Kai Cenat and Adin Ross who are popular, showed their disapproval at the Best Rap Album win by Killer Mike. They went public with their views, hinting that “UTOPIA,” nominated for Travis Scott, should have won, instead.

It is worth mentioning that Kai Cenat confessed not to know who Killer Mike was and raised questions about the decision to give him the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Adin Ross echoed those sentiments saying that he thought UTOPIA deserved to win.

The reaction they gave generated a debate within the hip hop community with some supporting Killer Mikey’s win while others pointing out the criteria used to determine the winner.

Joe Budden, a rapper-turned-podcaster, too chimed in the debates which led to an other conversation between him, Kai Cenat, and Adin Ross. While hosting a podcast, Budden played a portion of Kai Cenat expressing his frustration when Travis Scott's album didn't win the award for Rap Album of the Year, confessing that he didn't know who Killer Mike was. 

After this, Cenat and Ross responded with the criticism of Budden for his remarks. Budden’s comments generated a debate and he received strong reactions from the streaming community, some defending views of the young and some others questioning Budden’s view. 

The forum showcased contrasting opinions in the hip-hop community as regards to the Grammys outcomes and the function of streamers in the conversation about music.

Killer Mike answered the critics himself.

"There’s such a rich tapestry if you’re willing to dig deeper. If you’re willing to get curious…Get curious about art. Don’t just say well, ‘This is the art that I’m being told is it for now’ but what drives it? What has inspired the artists that I admire?"

"I love to see what y'all young brothers are doing. I invite your audience to listen to the record…I appreciate you guys for loving music, period. And I invite you to fw mine. You might find something you fw"

Killer Mike could have dismissed them as young people who simply hated and didn't know what they were talking about. However, he took a different approach by showing love and embracing the entire younger generation in the discussion.

While there were numerous outstanding choices for Rap Album of the Year, 'Michael' was undeniably deserving of the recognition it received.