Gunna addresses Hip Hop community with new single "Bread & Butter"

Gunna Presents New Album "DS4EVER" with Young Thug
Gunna Presents New Album "DS4EVER" with Young Thug / Prince Williams/GettyImages

Gunna is back after an extremely long hiatus due to legal troubles and staying out of the public eye. He and the rest of YSL, including the founder, Young Thug, were charged in a R.I.C.O. case back in May of 2022. After several attempts to get out on bond, Gunna was freed after taking a plea deal.

To be very specific, Gunna ended up taking an Alford plea, which is denying guilt, while acknowledging that they could be convicted for crimes involved with the case. However, the hip-hop community broke down everything in the simplest terms by labeling Gunna a snitch. When you hear a plea agreement from a rapper, the first thought is that the individual snitched. However, Gunna's camp was trying to deny those claims, but a courtroom video of him speaking to a prosecutor surfaced with some interesting quotes.

This led to tons of rappers being out on accepting Gunna back into the hip-hop community. From Boosie to Lil Durk, the street code was broken in their eyes and there is no room for a "rat" in this culture (6ix9ine being a prime example).

Gunna's releases new single "Bread and Butter" addressing rap community

It's been about a year since we've heard from Gunna after his release. He didn't do what lots of rappers have done and release music while locked up. We were all waiting to see what he would say and how he would address the "elephant in the room".

The title of the new track "Bread and Butter" is a knock on the people trying to throw dirt on his name and want him done making music. They are trying to take away his "bread and "butter", which is rapping. It is a good title that addresses the outpour of hate from the Hip Hop community.

Gunna does not use specific names, but connecting the dots seems to point to certain people. One lyric that lumps everyone in the same pot is, "You b***h-a** n****s got me as the topic of the chat", which is shots at people like Lil Durk, who went on DJ Akademiks show to claim Gunna as a "rat". However, the most intriguing line in the first verse is taking shots at one of his old friends, Lil Baby.

"You still f**k with a n***a that done got yo' partner ****[whacked]"

Gunna on "Bread and Butter"

The line above is Gunna potentially aiming shots at Lil Baby about hanging out with someone responsible for the murder of his friend, Lil Mario, which occurred in 2020. Rumors point to 21 Savage and his crew being responsible for the killing, but Lil Baby seems to still be cool with 21 Savage to this day. Gunna finds it hypocritical that people are turning their backs on him, while they have similar skeletons in their closets.

The second verse touches more on the legal side of things. He states that the lawyers tricked him into the plea and he regrets it. He feels as if he was used in this whole situation. Towards the end of the verse, he is making sure we know that this is the last time he will touch on this topic while moving forward with his career.

Overall, the song itself is great. Gunna is extremely talented and this further cements that case. He needed to address all of this and did it in the best way possible. Perhaps this is the way for Gunna to reclaim his spot in hip-hop. Will the industry accept the circumstances as justifiable? Only time will tell.

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