How 50 Cent is trying to get his money from Teairra Mari

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50 Cent, the rapper and mogul continues to attempt at collecting a $50, 00 debit from reality TV star Teairra Mari. The recent attempt by 50 Cent to lock up his money is a good response in the wake of an ongoing legal battle.

The origin of the debt

The debt can be traced back to a lawsuit from 2018 between Teairra Mari, 50 Cent, and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul. Mari claimed that they were responsible for violating her privacy through the unauthorized release of a sex tape and as such, causing emotional distress.

The court rejected the claim, ordering Teairra Mari to pay 50 Cent’s attorney fees incurred since they amounted to $30,000. After that, 50 Cent added $5,000 more in sanctions and fees totalling to the current amount of $35,000. Interestingly, the outstanding balance stands at $50,476 because Teairra Mari has no payments to make.

The latest move by 50 Cent

Citing court records obtained by Radar Online, 50 Cent has filed a writ of execution against Teairra Mari in the Sacramento County. This legal initiative gives the sheriff permission to force them into compliance by seizing their property, garnishing wages and even freezing bank accounts.

Targeting Sacramento County, 50 Cent shows that he believes Teairra Mari has some assets or income in this region even though her current address is known to be Atlanta – Georgia. It is not the first time that 50 Cent took this path; he tried it in 2021 with no success.

The response from Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari has vocally contested the situation, consistently denying any debt owed to 50 Cent and mocking him on social media. She released a song titled "I Ain't Got It," taunting 50 Cent and urging him to leave her alone. In court, she claimed to have minimal assets and income, primarily earning money from sponsored Instagram posts and an unprofitable skincare business. While expressing willingness to agree to a payment plan, she did not propose specific terms.

The future of the Saga

The resolution of this saga remains uncertain, but 50 Cent appears unwavering in his pursuit of payment. He continues to use Instagram to pressure and mock Teairra Mari, even hiring a private investigator to delve into her financial situation. Teairra Mari, meanwhile, attempts to focus on her career and personal life, participating in "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" and releasing music, while also dating other celebrities.

Will 50 Cent ultimately recover his money from Teairra Mari? Will Teairra Mari fulfill her financial obligation? The resolution of their differences remains to be seen, as only time will tell.


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