Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League sells Its first team in $10 million deal

High Rollers Volume 1 Live With Ice Cube, The Game, Boyz in the Hood, D12 At Ziggo Dome In Amsterdam
High Rollers Volume 1 Live With Ice Cube, The Game, Boyz in the Hood, D12 At Ziggo Dome In Amsterdam / BSR Agency/GettyImages

The BIG3 basketball league, founded by rap icon Ice Cube, is making headlines once again. After years of operating without geographical ties to specific teams, the league is embarking on a historic transition. Starting in 2025, all BIG3 teams will find their home markets, and the first team to make the move is set to call Los Angeles its new home.

The $10 million deal

The BIG3’s groundbreaking move to home markets was facilitated by a remarkable $10 million deal. The league partnered with DCB Sports, a seasoned group of sports investors, to make this vision a reality. Gary LaDrido, Managing Partner of DCB Sports, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz in professional 3-on-3 basketball. The gameplay’s dynamism and nuanced appeal, along with the global audience, have positioned the BIG3 as a game-changer in the basketball world.

Ice Cube’s vision

Ice Cube himself called it a “historic day for the BIG3.” Basing teams in home cities allows the league to engage local communities and fanbases. With millions of loyal fans worldwide and a strong presence on CBS during the summer, the BIG3 is poised for exponential growth. Ownership groups, each with their own sports expertise, will further enhance the league’s impact. DCB Sports, as the first owner of the Los Angeles BIG3 team, is committed to doing right by the people of LA. Together, they aim to continue changing the game.

Lil Durk’s challenge

Meanwhile, rapper Lil Durk has thrown down the gauntlet. He’s offering an astonishing $10 million to Caitlin Clark, who recently snubbed the BIG3. While Clark opted not to join Ice Cube’s league, Lil Durk’s BIG3 deal could be a game-changer. The competition is heating up, and fans are eagerly awaiting how these developments unfold in the basketball world.

The BIG3’s transition to home markets represents a pivotal moment in the league’s history. With Ice Cube’s vision and strategic partnerships, the future looks bright for 3-on-3 basketball enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates as the league continues to evolve and engage fans across the globe! 🏀