JAY-Z's impact: Common embraces self-care in hip-hop

Common Signs Copies Of "And Then We Rise: A Guide To Loving And Taking Care Of Self"
Common Signs Copies Of "And Then We Rise: A Guide To Loving And Taking Care Of Self" / Brian Stukes/GettyImages

Insights from the Chicago artist on prioritizing mental well-being

Common stands tall as a revered figure in hip hop, but even icons like him have journeys of self-discovery. In a recent sit-down with Hot 97, he shared how a candid conversation with JAY-Z reshaped his outlook on self-care, a crucial but often overlooked aspect of an artist's life.

The Chicago wordsmith confessed that he used to sideline his own wellness in the relentless pursuit of his craft. However, during a casual dinner with Nas and JAY-Z, a pivotal dialogue ensued. Common recounted how JAY-Z, upon learning of his absence of vacation plans, emphasized the necessity of downtime. The rap mogul's words resonated deeply: "You tripping, bro. You gotta take some time to yourself," he advised.

Reflecting on the encounter, Common acknowledged the significance of JAY-Z's message, acknowledging the importance of self-care, particularly for those immersed in perpetual creativity. He now values moments of respite to rejuvenate his mind and soul, recognizing the richness found in life's other facets like family, friendship, and spirituality.

"I think self-care is one of the most important things that we can do as human beings, period," Common affirmed, shedding light on the profound replenishment needed by artists who invest copious energy and time into their craft."

The narrative of prioritizing mental well-being isn't exclusive to Common. Method Man, in a candid exchange with Kevin Hart on Comedy Gold Minds, shared his personal battles with mental health and the transformative power of therapy. Advocating for therapy as a means to gain fresh perspectives and cope with life's pressures, Method Man boldly declared, "I think everybody should go to therapy at least once in their life."

Hip hop's landscape has evolved, with artists embracing vulnerability and advocating for mental health awareness. Figures like Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Logic, Big Sean, J. Cole, and Kanye West have openly addressed their struggles, transcending the stigma surrounding mental health within the genre. Through introspective tracks and candid discussions, they champion self-care as a testament to resilience and strength.

In sharing their narratives, these artists not only challenge stereotypes but also foster a culture of support and understanding within the hip-hop community. They remind us that self-care isn't a weakness but a manifestation of courage and perseverance.