Jeymes Samuel reveals why Jay-Z and D'Angelo's collaboration runs nine minutes

The inside scoop on the extended duration of the highly anticipated musical collaboration between JAY-Z and D'Angelo, straight from Jeymes Samuel.
Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "The Book Of Clarence" - Arrivals
Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "The Book Of Clarence" - Arrivals / Monica Schipper/GettyImages

In a recent interview with acclaimed director and musician Jeymes Samuel, the creative mind behind the upcoming collaboration between Jay-Z and D'Angelo, the extended length of the musical masterpiece was elaborated upon. Samuel sheds light on the reasons behind the nine-minute duration, providing insights into the creative process and artistic vision driving this eagerly awaited project.

In their discussion, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God questioned the artist-turned-director about the allegations of blasphemy surrounding the film's religious themes.

"Matthew 24:5. Jesus‘ exact words [were], ‘Many shall come in my name saying I am the Christ, and they shall deceive many.’ The bible itself [spoke] of Simon the Sorcerer, who was trying to pay his way into the Apostles,” Samuel explained. “You only have to do a Google check, but I knew people would be saying that… Is it because you’re seeing people of color?

Samuel also talked about the soundtrack for The Book of Clarence, in which he was the main artist, producer, and writer. The discussion then shifted to "I Want You Forever," a highly anticipated track from the compilation that features Jay-Z and D’Angelo, specifically addressing its roughly nine-minute duration.

"Cause it’s just biblical, soulful bliss,” he declared in response to the song’s length. “I was like, ‘I’m not doing the radio edit for this joint.’ It’s just that good. It’s not one long verse like [JAY-Z’s contribution to DJ Khaled’s] ‘GOD DID.’ He’s speaking on it. He’s not rapping, he’s not rhyming. He’s just talking on it… He just comes in and floats. And D’Angelo goes in. So it’s just that good."

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In the interview, Jeymes Samuel delves into the artistic depth and thematic intricacies woven into the nine-minute piece, offering a compelling perspective on the significance of the extended duration. This exclusive revelation from Samuel provides a captivating glimpse into the creative dynamics of this groundbreaking collaboration, igniting anticipation and curiosity among fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.