Joe Budden claims Kendrick Lamar’s diss was better than Drake’s

Hip-hop drama unfolds as Joe Budden Makes bold claims about Drake and Kendrick Lamar
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In the world of hip-hop, drama and rivalries often take center stage, and the latest buzz surrounds Joe Budden's recent claim that Drake received a metaphorical "punch in the face" from Kendrick Lamar through a diss track. Let's delve into this explosive revelation and the reactions it has sparked within the music industry.

Joe Budden, a seasoned figure in the hip-hop scene, has stirred up controversy with his assertion that Drake, one of the biggest names in the industry, was on the receiving end of a lyrical blow from Kendrick Lamar. This claim has sent shockwaves through the music world, igniting debates and speculation among fans and industry insiders alike.

The feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has been simmering for years, but it recently reached a boiling point. Kendrick fired the first shot with his blistering track, “Euphoria,” a six-minute lyrical assault that left fans and fellow artists stunned. The Compton emcee pulled no punches, taking aim at Drake’s credibility, artistry, and even personal life.

Drake, never one to back down, responded with “Push Ups,” a track that showcased his signature flow and clever wordplay. But according to Joe Budden, it wasn’t enough. During a live stream with DJ Akademiks, Budden declared Kendrick the winner of round one. He praised Lamar’s authenticity and raw emotion, emphasizing that he wants to see Drake pushed to his limits.

Budden believes that Kendrick Lamar’s diss resonated because it challenged Drake in ways he hadn’t been challenged before. Throughout his career, Drake has enjoyed a smooth ride, with only the Pusha T beef causing significant turbulence. Now, facing an opponent like Kendrick, Drake must prove himself anew.

"The n**ga in front of you now, you have to respect—even if you don’t like him,” Budden asserted. “Finish your food. This ain’t Meek Mill no more.” "

Budden’s reference to the infamous Drake vs. Meek Mill feud highlights the stakes: Kendrick Lamar isn’t just another adversary; he’s a formidable force.

As fans eagerly await the next round of diss tracks, the hip-hop community is abuzz with speculation. Will Drake rise to the challenge and deliver a knockout blow? Or will Kendrick Lamar continue to dominate the narrative? One thing is certain: the battle is far from over.

The hip-hop world is buzzing with anticipation as rap titans Kendrick Lamar and Drake engage in a heated lyrical battle. Joe Budden, the outspoken podcaster and former rapper, has weighed in on the feud, and his verdict is clear: Kendrick Lamar’s diss track hit harder than Drake’s.

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