Juice WRLD's Mother Aims to Deliver a New Album to Fans in 2024

Juice WRLD's Mother Shares Insights on Upcoming Album "The Party Never Ends"
2019 Made In America Festival
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Juice WRLD's mother, Carmela Wallace, is dedicated to preserving her son's legacy with a new posthumous album titled "The Party Never Ends." In an interview with XXL, Wallace shared insights into the project's progress, emphasizing Lil Bibby's commitment as Juice WRLD's manager.

"“I know that Brandon, [Lil] Bibby is putting in a lot of work to make it really good. I mean, he’s really committed and dedicated to being proud of it, you know. He puts a lot of time and effort into what he produces, so, I know that the love is there. I know that the commitment is there and I know he wants everything to be perfect,”

Carmela Wallace

Addressing concerns about music piracy affecting the release timeline, Wallace urged fans to refrain from unauthorized sharing, emphasizing the significance of supporting the artist's work legitimately.

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"“So, it’s coming and people should stop stealing music. I just have to throw that in there, too, because that messes up things as well. People want stuff they haven’t heard, but, you know, that’s an issue. But he’s working through it, and it’s coming soon, and it’s a work of love. I think he’s proud of the progress he’s making on it, but it’s going to be great. So, they just have to be just a little patient and let it go through the process, but it’s coming soon,” she assured.

Carmela Wallace

Wallace is optimistic about the album's release in 2024, referring to it as a labor of love. However, she cautioned fans to exercise patience and allow the creative process to unfold organically.

Juice WRLD's posthumous projects faced setbacks last year when unreleased music was leaked online, prompting Lil Bibby to address the issue on social media. Concerned about the impact of leaks on the album's integrity, he expressed the possibility of canceling "The Party Never Ends."

"“These leaks are getting out of hand. I hope all the fans are happy; the party never ends might be canceled if all this shit leaks,”"

Lil Bibby

In 2022, Juice WRLD continued to make an indelible mark, becoming the first artist with four albums selling over 500,000 units each in a calendar year. Despite his tragic passing in 2019 due to an overdose-induced seizure, Juice WRLD's influence remains potent.

The forthcoming album, "The Party Never Ends," follows "Legends Never Die" (2020) and "Fighting Demons" (2021), representing Juice's third posthumous release. As fans eagerly anticipate new material, Wallace's dedication and Lil Bibby's commitment signal a poignant continuation of Juice WRLD's musical legacy.