Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's "Vultures 1": A raw album review by Joe Budden

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Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's collaborative album, "Vultures", was finally released and did so with a massive wave of anticipation laced with controversy. In a latest in-depth interview, Joe Budden went deeper into intricacies of the album, deconstructing its production, lyrics, and the overall context that the creators were processing.

After random drops on different streaming platforms the path to "Vultures" turned out to be nothing less than a chaos, causing great irritation among impatient fans. Indeed, Joe Budden had really detailed his struggle with the down-processing of the album, highlighting the erratic nature of Kanye West's releases.

Despite all the talk and chatter, "Vultures" really shows how Kanye West does things differently when it comes to making music. Budden thinks the beats and music on the album are great. He gives credit to Kanye for putting together a mix of sounds that really grab your attention, whether you're listening in the car or with your headphones on.

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But there's a "but" in there. Budden isn't too impressed with Kanye's lyrics. He says some of them are just plain bad. Still, he sees Kanye more as a director, letting other artists shine while he sets the stage.

One track that stands out for Budden is a new take on "Back That A** Up." He likes how Kanye puts a fresh spin on something familiar. People really dig the album's sound, especially in songs like "Emo for a Minute" and "Carnival."

But while we're talking about Kanye, we can't ignore his fashion moves. Budden sees Kanye as a bit of a hero, bringing out cool clothes that regular folks can afford, unlike the crazy expensive stuff out there.

Also, Budden wonders if Kanye's heart is really in it or if he's just trying to win back fans. There's also talk about Kanye's big Super Bowl commercial and whether it's really hitting the mark or not.

In the end, "Vultures" is like a deep dive into Kanye's world. Budden's honest take helps us see what's good and what's not, leaving us to think for ourselves.

As people keep on talking about "Vultures," one thing's for sure—Kanye West keeps shaking things up in music and art. Love him or hate him, he's always got something to say and something new to show us.