Kanye West debunks cancel culture: Lil Tjay weighs in

Lil Tjay: “You’re only cancelled if you cancel yourself”
Lil Tjay Performs At The Arena At TD Place
Lil Tjay Performs At The Arena At TD Place / Mark Horton/GettyImages

Kanye West’s latest album, Vultures 1, alongside Ty Dolla $ign, has not only topped the charts but also sparked a conversation about cancel culture. Lil Tjay, the rising star in the hip-hop scene, shared his thoughts on the matter, and it’s safe to say he’s not buying into the cancel culture hype.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ at the airport, Lil Tjay discussed the success of Vultures 1, acknowledging that it could have been even bigger if Kanye had major label support.

"I think that label s**t helps,” Tjay said candidly. “If he had some support, it would’ve done triple the numbers. But it is what it is. People like s***t off the hype nowadays; it doesn’t even be about the music anymore. You’re only cancelled if you cancel yourself; if you allow them to cancel you"

"Tjay continued, “I feel like a n-gga can’t cancel me. All they can do is block you out of their world. And their world is limited to what they do. He’s Kanye. He should’ve put me on that s*** though."

Released on February 10, Vultures 1, initially available only on streaming platforms and as a digital download, physical versions of the album on CD and vinyl are set to be released later. Despite encountering issues, including a temporary removal from streaming services due to a complaint from its initial distributor, Vultures 1 debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums chart.

The cancel culture debate has been raging in recent years, with artists and public figures facing scrutiny for their actions, statements, or past behavior. But Kanye West’s success with Vultures 1 suggests that cancel culture may not be as all-encompassing as some believe. Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective, as Lil Tjay points out. If you don’t allow yourself to be cancelled, you remain in control of your narrative.

So, is cancel culture real? According to Lil Tjay, it’s only as real as you allow it to be. And in Kanye West’s case, it seems he’s immune to cancellation – at least when it comes to music.