Kid Cudi and Kanye West reconcile: Here’s why we’re cool again

The reason behind Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s reconciliation
BET Awards 2012 - Inside
BET Awards 2012 - Inside / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

Kid Cudi and Kanye West have been close friends for over a decade, collaborating on numerous projects and supporting each other through personal struggles. However, in recent years, their relationship has been strained, with both artists publicly criticizing each other.

In 2016, Kid Cudi took to Twitter to express his frustration with Kanye West and Drake, accusing them of not supporting him during his mental health struggles. Kanye West responded by calling Kid Cudi out during one of his concerts, stating that he was “disrespecting artistry” by complaining about his position in the music industry.

Despite these public disagreements, Kid Cudi and Kanye West have recently reconciled, with Kid Cudi appearing on Kanye West’s latest album, “Donda”. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kid Cudi revealed that he and Kanye West had a heart-to-heart conversation, where they discussed their past issues and resolved their differences.

Kid Cudi, Kanye West
BET Awards 2012 - Inside / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

According to Kid Cudi, the reason behind their reconciliation was simple: “At the end of the day, my brother is still here. He’s still making great music, and he’s still doing great things. I realized that our friendship was more important than any disagreement we might have had.”

"It’s like friendships. Really, it’s beyond friendship. It’s about when it’s brotherly, sisterly s**t, family s**t. It’s just a little bit more complicated,” Cudi explained. “And siblings hurt you the most. So you go through things, but family is always there. You don’t give up on family."

"This is someone who is my brother, ultimately, who came into my life, and championed me, and did things for me that nobody else did for me early on in my career. People don’t even know that Kanye paid for the first ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ video when I didn’t have a deal."

In conclusion, Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s reconciliation is a testament to the power of forgiveness and the importance of maintaining strong relationships. As fans, we can only hope that their renewed friendship will lead to more collaborations and great music in the future.

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