Kim Kardashian Expresses Gratitude to Designer of Kanye West's 'College Dropout' Bear for Custom Merch

Kim Kardashian Receives Heartfelt Gift of Kanye West's 'College Dropout' Merch from Designer Bobby Naugle
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West / Pierre Suu/GettyImages

Kim Kardashian expresses heartfelt thanks to Bobby Naugle, co-designer of Kanye West's iconic College Dropout Bear, for gifting her and North exclusive memorabilia from the era of Kanye's debut album.

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian took to social media to share her appreciation for Bobby Naugle, the creative mind behind Kanye West's College Dropout bear. Naugle, who co-designed the iconic bear in 2003 and played a significant role in managing merch during the early years of Kanye's tours, reached out to Kim with a thoughtful gesture.

In her post, Kim revealed that Naugle wanted to "gift North some of the original merch" from the College Dropout phase, showcasing Kanye's journey in the music industry. The collection included Kanye's renowned pink Polo and a graphic tee, capturing the essence of that transformative era.

Kim's note expressed the genuine kindness of Naugle, who, despite his integral involvement in the production of these collectibles, asked for nothing in return. The reality star emphasized their continued communication since 2022, highlighting Naugle's desire to share not only the merchandise but also other collectibles, such as first-hand sketches and Kanye's original personal pink RL polo.

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According to Kim, Naugle felt it was most appropriate to pass on these valuable items to Kim's children, North in particular. Despite the potential financial gains through collectors and auction houses, Naugle's decision to give away these cherished artifacts for free reflects an unusual level of kindness and generosity in the industry.

Kim concluded her post with a heartfelt thank you to Bobby Naugle for his selfless act, acknowledging the rarity of such generosity, especially when there could have been a significant monetary gain from selling these exclusive items. The gesture adds a personal touch to the Kardashian-West family's connection to Kanye's early career, preserving a piece of music history.

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