Kodak Black set to make acting debut in short film 'The Don'

Kodak Black & Friends Concert - Biloxi, MS
Kodak Black & Friends Concert - Biloxi, MS / Prince Williams/GettyImages

There seems to be a lot in store for the world of Hip Hop this year. Several projects have already been announced so far this year and the internet, as well as fans of Hip Hop, will not be waiting long between album releases and collaborations from their favorite artists. Slated to be one of the most exciting years for music, what else could be happening, you may ask? Well, we're getting something we didn't even know we wanted.

Kodak Black truly wasn't kidding about "Haitian Scarface"

4 studio albums deep, 2 of which are platinum, the "ZEZE" rapper known for his troubled past is now set to release his last album with Atlantic Records, Pistolz & Pearlz, set to release on May 26.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Hip Hop world. We're seeing some artists that have made heavy waves and made names for themselves release projects, transition from record labels, and evolve their careers, paving the way for future generations to learn through their choices. Kodak Black is now sparking excitement and hype, not only because of the new album release but due to a recent post he made on his Instagram.

Kodak took to Instagram to relay the message that not only will he be releasing Pistolz & Pearlz, but he has been working on a short film titled The Don. All we know so far about the film is that it will be officially released on May 26, alongside Pistolz & Pearlz and coincidentally, Lil Durks' album Almost Healed, which was already delayed. This isn't surprising, as Durk and Kodak are set to perform together this year on the Sorry For The Drought tour.

With so much going on in Hip Hop right now, we don't know what's more exciting! Are you more excited for The Don or Pistolz & Pearlz? Follow Rhyme Junkie to stay up-to-date on all the happenings of not only Kodak but all of Hip Hop!