Lil Wayne recognizes Eminem's unrivaled skills in battle rap

 Lil Wayne praises Eminem’s battle rap skills and reminisces about the competitive era of rap music.
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Lil Wayne, in a recent interview with Taylor Rooks, delves into his collaboration with Kevin Durant, labels himself the LeBron James of rap, shares insights on industry evolution, expresses aspirations for the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show, and expresses pride in Drake's achievements. The 5x Grammy winner also imparts advice to Angel Reese and forecasts Ja Morant as the NBA's next iconic figure.

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In the interview, Lil Wayne discussed the competitive nature of hip-hop, citing Eminem as a notable example.

"I was around when rap music was competitive. I was around when there was such a thing called ‘battle rap. That was an art form of rap where I can literally…It was almost comedic. What I mean by that is, a comedian can, you know, they roast each other. They don’t mean nothing by it."

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Lil Wayne commended Eminem's battle rap prowess, emphasizing that Eminem could dismantle your confidence about something you were proud of when looking in the mirror. Wayne's remarks underscore the significance of battle rap in hip-hop culture and its profound impact on the industry.

"Battle rap was the same. You got these people. They standing in the circle and you know…Eminem might take your head off about something you felt great about yourself in the mirror before you got there, you know, and then they come back and do the same. So, that was an art form. They had people that, to this day, there’s battle raps that went down and they are not filmed, they aren’t recorded and there are legends come out of that because of that. We don’t have that no more. I was around during that.

To sum up, Lil Wayne's interview with Taylor Rooks offers valuable insights into the competitive landscape of rap music and the intricacies of battle rap. Wayne's admiration for Eminem's battle rap abilities underscores Eminem's influential impact on the industry and the widespread respect he earns from fellow artists.

Additionally, Wayne's comments provide illumination on the industry's evolution and the transformations it has undergone. This interview is essential reading for those intrigued by the history and culture of hip-hop.

Watch the full interview below as he delves into his collaboration with Kevin Durant, labels himself the LeBron James of rap and many more.

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