Macklemore’s bold new song speaks out against Biden, police, and the music industry in support of Palestine

Macklemore Performs At Climate Pledge Arena
Macklemore Performs At Climate Pledge Arena / Mat Hayward/GettyImages

In a powerful and thought-provoking new song titled Hind’s Hall, rapper Macklemore takes a bold stance on the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. The track, named after the Columbia University building that was occupied by student protesters, delivers a strong message of support for Palestine and condemnation of the war in Gaza.

Macklemore’s lyrics cut through the noise, addressing critical issues and calling out those in power. Here are some key points from the song:

Pro-Palestinian stance: Macklemore praises student-led protests on college campuses, emphasizing the importance of divestment and peace. He questions why protests are seen as a threat when they challenge what our country funds. His words echo the sentiments of those advocating for Palestinian rights.

Biden and the blood on his hands: The rapper doesn’t hold back when it comes to President Joe Biden. He directly tells him, the blood is on your hands. Macklemore refuses to vote for Biden in the upcoming fall elections, expressing his frustration with the administration’s stance on the conflict.

Music industry silence: Macklemore also criticizes the music industry for its platform of silence.He suggests that if he were on a label, they could drop him today. His call for a cease-fire is clear:

"I want a cease-fire, fuck a response from Drake."

The accompanying video for Hind’s Hall intersperses the song’s lyrics with powerful images. We see student protesters, war-torn territories, and politicians complicit in the killing of Palestinians. The visuals reinforce the urgency and gravity of the situation.

While Hind’s Hall is not yet available on streaming platforms, proceeds from the song will go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. Macklemore’s commitment to using his platform for change is commendable.

Macklemore’s song serves as a wake-up call, urging listeners to pay attention, question authority, and stand up for justice. In a world where music often entertains, Hind’s Hall challenges us to think, feel, and act. As the song reverberates across social media, it’s clear that Macklemore’s voice is one that won’t be silenced.