Manny Galvez reveals Lil Wayne’s fastest recorded song and the auto-tune influence

How Lil Wayne’s engineer shaped his sound and why auto-tune took a backseat

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Manny Galvez, the full-time engineer for rap icon Lil Wayne, recently sat down with Keith JusAire Nelson Jr. for an exclusive “Studio Sessions” interview with Revolt. In this candid conversation, Galvez delved into his experiences working with Weezy, revealing fascinating insights about Lil Wayne’s creative process, work ethic, and musical evolution.

The marathon studio sessions

Galvez reminisced about his very first studio session with Lil Wayne, which took place during his tenure at Hit Factory. “No one wanted to assist the Wayne sessions because he worked too hard,” Galvez recalled.

"His hours were too long. I would pull up to work, and Wayne would be there. I would leave, sleep, come back, clock in for my next shift, and he was still there. The hours he puts in show he loves his craft"

From assistant to collaborator

As an aspiring engineer, Galvez closely observed Wayne’s recording process. He learned from the best, watching ONHEL and other engineers make mistakes and achieve greatness. One day, Wayne requested beats, and Galvez seized the opportunity. He crafted beats overnight, and Wayne hopped on two of them that same night. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Galvez’s journey as Lil Wayne’s go-to engineer, a role he has held since 2016.

Influencing Lil Wayne’s sound

Galvez’s impact extended beyond engineering. Two years ago, he faced challenges with Auto-Tune and its plugins. During their relentless touring schedule, Galvez encouraged Wayne to explore new sonic territories. The result? A departure from Auto-Tune, allowing Wayne’s raw talent and authenticity to shine through. Galvez’s influence led to Lil Wayne’s decision to ditch the vocal effect, a move that resonated with fans and critics alike.

Lil Wayne’s lightning-fast verses

Galvez also shared anecdotes about Wayne’s recording speed. “Dedicate,” a track from Tha Carter V, was recorded in less than 20 minutes. Galvez marveled at Wayne’s ability to deliver legendary verses effortlessly. “He’s like LeBron James in the gym,” Galvez explained.

"You must always be ready to go because he sits there and listens to the song for a long time. So, you must be physically ready as the engineer whenever he is ready because you might’ve been in that studio for 25 hours already. You still have to be ready to record a legendary verse."

The future of Lil Wayne’s music

Galvez confirmed that he has been working on Tha Carter VI, hinting at exciting new material from the rap legend. As Lil Wayne continues to evolve and redefine hip-hop, Galvez remains an integral part of his creative journey.

In summary, Manny Galvez’s insights provide a rare glimpse into Lil Wayne’s world. From marathon studio sessions to Auto-Tune decisions, Galvez’s role transcends engineering – he is a collaborator, a confidant, and a witness to greatness.