Mariah Carey's response to Nick Cannon's remarks about potential reunion: What is he? My last hope?'

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In an interview with E! On thursday, Cannon directed to his readiness to consider reuniting with Carey, who became single again just recently, after her breakup with her long-term lover, Bryan Tanaka.

I mean, you gotta ask her!" Cannon told the outlet. "Let me know what she say!" He added, "Ask her, text me, we can talk through you. It's Valentines is in the air, you can be the chocolate cupid. Let's do it, I'm with it."

Mariah Carey has just responded to Nick Cannon's comments about the possibility they would reunite again. In response to the question about the likelihood of them being back together, Mariah teased

"What is he? My last hope?"

 This response prompted laughter from the paparazzo and other photographers present at the scene 

It is important to note that Mariah Carey did not take Nick Cannon's remarks seriously and dismissed the idea of a reunion. She stated that he was making it up and being silly 

Cannon's ex-wife has been a topic of conversation for him lately, as he has openly discussed her on multiple occasions. One such instance was during an episode of the Daily Cannon Show in April, where Cannon was accused by his co-host Courtney Bee Bledsoe of mishandling his relationship with Carey.

"Did I? Explain to me how I fumbled Mariah,” he replied. Bledsoe said she was just “playing” with him, and added, “I don’t know…I just know you’re not with her, so that’s a fumble.” Cannon replied, “Maybe she fumbled me."

Brief history of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon (L) and Mariah Carey (C) with Moroccan Cannon and Monroe Cannon
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Cannon and Carey’s romance started in 2005 when they met at the Teen Choice Awards, where Cannon was presenting Carey with the Choice Music R&B Artist award. They didn't start dating until the year 2008 and got married on the 30th of April, 2008 in the Bahamas. They had twins: Moroccan and Monroe who came into this world on April 20, 2011. Nevertheless, their marital problems arose and they separated in 2014 before completing their divorce in 2016.

Throughout the relationship so far, Cannon and Carey have been putting emphasis on co-parenting their children and nurturing a cordial relationship for their good. Although they are divorced, they still support each other and the children. Cannon has spoken highly of Carey, calling her the coolest person he has ever met, and a gift from God. Both have stressed on putting their children first and having them experience the best in childhood.

It's important to mention that Nick Cannon boasts a blended family and has also fathered children with other partners. He has total of 12 children that also include twin daughters Monroe and Moroccan, whom he fathered with Mariah Carey.