Nicki Minaj accused of leaking alleged Diddy & Meek Mill audio: Jaguar Wright speaks out

Hip-hop artist Jaguar Wright accuses Nicki Minaj of leaking private audio involving Diddy and Meek Mill, stirring controversy in the entertainment industry.
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In a bombshell revelation, Jaguar Wright has exposed Nicki Minaj’s alleged involvement in leaking a disturbing viral audio clip featuring Diddy and Meek Mill. According to Wright, Nicki Minaj had been in possession of the incriminating tape for years, fearing retaliation from Diddy and his associates if she were to release it. The audio clip, which surfaced online amid a wave of abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking claims against the Bad Boy mogul, has been a topic of speculation and intrigue.

Meek Mill, the Philly MC, has consistently denied any involvement in the audio clip, and its authenticity remains unconfirmed. However, during a recent interview with RealLyfe Productions, Wright claimed that Nicki Minaj was the one who leaked the audio. 

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She alleges that Nicki had been waiting for the right moment to drop the bombshell on Meek, recording the audio during a freak-off event in Calabasas. Wright’s fiery words didn’t spare Meek either, as she criticized him for his actions and labeled him as “Diddy-fied” and a “deep-fried f***ot” in her scathing commentary.

Beyond this explosive revelation, Jaguar Wright also delved into other intriguing topics during the same interview. She discussed her relationship with comedian Katt Williams, revealing that he had taught her how to be Jaguar Wright.

Williams apparently imparted valuable lessons during their nine-month association, but Wright eventually walked away when the Illuminati allegedly started targeting him. She even mentioned that Katt Williams used to wear Kevlar to bed during that time.

""And f***ing Meek Mill running the f**k around, talking about expensive pain?" Jaguar Wright said about Meek Mill. "And his a**? F**k Meek! He's a f***ing fruit loop, he Diddy-fied. He's a deep-fried f***ot, period. He Diddy-fied, he Diddy-fried. He let Diddy do our bop. F**k Meek, real rap! Yeah, that [audio] was f***ing him! "

"She continued: F***ing Nicki put that s**t out to hear. Goddamn Nicki recorded that at the freak-off, in the Calabasas. She been waiting to drop that s**t on Meek. She just wasn't going to tell nobody it was Diddy. But now that Diddy out there... why not? [The guy who's claiming he recorded it is] somebody that got paid." "I'm saying: Shawn Carter, you're a piece of s**t," she said of Jay-Z in the beginning of the interview. "Taking Pimp C wasn't bad enough?""

While the audio leak involving Diddy, Meek Mill, and Nicki Minaj remains speculative and unconfirmed, it adds another layer of drama to the entertainment industry. Whether the tape is genuine or not, Wright’s bold statements continue to ruffle feathers, leaving us wondering what other bombshells she might drop in the future.