Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Feud Over "New Body" : Uncertainty Looms for "Vultures" Album

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What is the controversy about?

Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, hip-hop heavyweights with a history of collaborations like "Monster," "Blazin," and "Dark Fantasy," find themselves entangled in a web of drama surrounding their latest joint venture, "New Body."

This track, is part of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's much-anticipated album "Vultures". Although leaked in 2019, the song never officially saw the light of day.

Adding to the intrigue, Kanye West showcased "New Body" at a recent listening party for "Vultures" and took to Twitter, expressing his desire for Nicki Minaj to clear the song for the album. However, a twist in the tale unfolded as Nicki Minaj declined, stating she had moved on, having just dropped her latest album, "Pink Friday 2."

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The unresolved tension between these hip-hop megastars amplifies the mystique surrounding "New Body" and the impending release of "Vultures." Fans eagerly await the album's drop, wondering if this collaboration will ever find its place in the limelight.

What did they say about each other?

The tension between Kanye West and Nicki Minaj has escalated with some harsh words. Kanye fired the first shots

"I made that girl rewrite her verse 3 times for “Monster.” I supported her career. So I don’t know what it is."

Kanye West

Nicki Minaj did not hold she also responded to Ye regarding “New Body”: 

"Now regarding Kanye, that train has left the station. No disrespect in any way, I just put out a brand new album. Why would I put out a song that’s been out for 3 years? Come on guys.”"

Nicki Minaj

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How did the fans react?

Fans are going crazy over the current situation because Nicki is suppose to on Kanye and Ty album Vultures. Ye however preview the song creating excitement among hip-hop community. As it stands the song “New Body” which features Nicki Minaj might not be on the album.

This is what some fans have to say 

"so ye made her rewrite her verse three times, film a music video, just to never release it? and the fact that she even asked him to release it year"


One fan tweet his displeasure saying it because of Ye she had the best verse in her career 

Azealia Banks also came to defend Nicki Minaj from Kanye West, after he tried to take credit for her success.

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Regardless of all these controversies, Nicki Minaj is still promoting her Pink Friday 2 and was recently on Kai Cenat's live stream. The stream however broke the record of live stream with over 300k viewers.

On the other hand Kanye West and Ty Dollar album “Vultures” is expected to drop 15 December at midnight. The build up towards has been well received with snippets of some songs trending on social media. And as it stand the rap Queen Nicki Minaj might not been on the album. But one thing is Ty Dollar and Ye’s daughter North West will make her rap debut on “Vultures”

What is the future of Nicki Minaj and Kanye West’s relationship?

The future between Nicki Minaj and Kanye West hangs in a perplexing balance after this latest feud. Their history is a labyrinth of complexity, marked by transformations and a myriad of controversies involving Drake, Taylor Swift, and Meek Mill.

Yet, in their dynamic, moments of respect and admiration have shone through. They've praised each other's music, acknowledged influence, and shared personal scenes, like Nicki Minaj's hospital visit during Kanye West's 2016 breakdown.

The human element in this saga adds layers of uncertainty. Will they mend ties, collaborating anew? Or will they traverse separate paths, focusing on individual careers and families? The enigmatic nature of their relationship leaves us on the edge, wondering what the sands of time will reveal in this ever-evolving narrative. 

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