Nicki Minaj Set for Collaboration With 50 Cent, Promises Four Additional Tracks From 'Pink Friday 2'

Nicki Minaj Drops Hints for Surprise Collab on "Pink Friday 2" Follow-Up
2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage
2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage / Catherine Powell/GettyImages

Nicki Minaj's latest album, "Pink Friday 2," reverberates with resonating reviews. The Barbz, her devoted fan base, shower praise on the Queen of Rap for seamlessly intertwining introspective vulnerability in her lyrics with witty and, at times, audacious wordplay that captivates and entertains.

While Minaj gears up for her forthcoming tour following the album's release, recent Twitter posts suggest that she has more surprises in store for her fans. Responding to a tweet spotlighting Complex's two favorite tracks, "Beep Beep" and "Everybody" featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Minaj tantalizes fans with a hint of what's to come. "Well wait 'til they hear Schfifty Schent verse on it next week. #GagCity, we here," she posted, sparking anticipation and excitement among hip-hop enthusiasts.

Notably, this revelation marks her inaugural collaboration with the New Yorker, adding an extra layer of intrigue to "PF2," which already boasts a much-appreciated song with J. Cole.

Despite 50 Cent extending birthday wishes on Saturday, Minaj's focus remained on urging him to submit his work, prioritizing the artistic process over acknowledging kind words. In a promise that has fans buzzing with excitement, she announced four more songs, featuring collaborations with Keyshia Cole and Monica, with whom she recently went live. "Next week #GagCity welcomes a new edition every day beginning Monday or Tuesday," Minaj revealed. "Every day until Friday, you’ll get an [additional] song that completes my fave body of work to date. 4 more songs."

While 50 Cent's musical output may not match the prolific pace of his earlier years, his name still commands attention. Having previously contributed to 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne's "Welcome 2 Collegrove" LP, it appears he is poised to make a significant impact on Nicki Minaj's forthcoming additions to the "Pink Friday 2" rollout. The synergy between these two powerhouse artists promises a musical feast for fans eager to delve deeper into the multifaceted world of "Pink Friday 2."

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