Opinion: Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Tops Anticipation for Drake's 'For All the Dogs'

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage / Rich Fury/GettyImages
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The talks of Travis Scott dropping Utopia has seemed to be around for a long time now, but that is the marketing of the man himself. There was a crazy lead up to Astroworld. He knows how to build anticipation. The expectations for Astroworld were immense. From the surprising features, to the theme, it was a great work of art for Travis.

So how does he step it up this time?

Travis Scott is known for wanting to be outlandish with performances and wanting to make a splash. What better way of doing so than performing in Egypt at the Pyramids of Giza? It sounds insane, but he really is going to do that. It is similar to what Kanye West did for the rollout of Donda, but more lavish. As of right now, there is no specific date for the album's release, but pre-orders have been announced for merchandise and physical CDs.

The performance itself is slated for July 28th, which means this can be the same night the album is released. No one knows. The suspense is real.