Opinion: Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Tops Anticipation for Drake's 'For All the Dogs'

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For All the Dogs

We all know Drake for being one of the bigger artists, regardless of genre, to ever step foot in the music business. On the heels of releasing a poetry book, Drake announced a new album is on the way titled For All the Dogs. This would be his fourth project in less than a year, which will be a delight for his hardcore fanbase. However, this one could showcase a feel of nostalgia.

Drake has been open about how this album will sound like the "old Drake."

"“I’m tired of everybody coming up to me, [saying] man… we miss that old Drake man. We need that old Drake man… Imma give it to you then”"


Drake has been around for a very long time with hardly any breaks. This is nothing new coming from fanbases when they state they miss the old version of their favorite artist. However, maybe there is a point in regards to Drake. He has been more experimental in his last few albums without really touching into the style that made him a household name. No matter what the outcome is, Drake's albums are always highly anticpated within the music realm.