Opinion: Travis Scott's 'Utopia' Tops Anticipation for Drake's 'For All the Dogs'

61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage
61st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage / Rich Fury/GettyImages
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Who has the more anticipated album?

Travis Scott and Drake are both big names that garner anticipation. We will tuned into both as soon as they hit the airwaves. There is a possibility that the artists have the same release date with each labeled, "TBD".

But, who would you check for if both were to drop the same day? Our answer: Travis Scott.

There are multitude of factors for why fans are more anxious for the 32-year old to drop another first class project. One of which is the long layoff. Travis Scott does not deliver duds. Every album has timeless tracks. His audience has not received any new music in five years. Fans have been waiting for a while for Utopia.

There has been so much happening in his life that will undoubtedly influence his music. Furthermore, he has the ability to bring light into the Hip-Hop game when it seems dull at times. This is one of those times.

Another reason is the lackluster nature of Drake recently. Certified Loverboy came and went. Honestly, Nevermind was a different Drake. The release felt rushed and dry at times. Her Loss was fun, but that was a collaborative album. I look at Her Loss as a NBA All-Star game; nothing too serious and more of just there for fun, while not being remembered afterwards.

Travis Scott is going to put his all into the lead-up and execution for his album. Can we say the same for Drake?