French Montana credits Taylor Swift’s ‘Hustle’ for his 126-song mixtape: A genius move in the music industry

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists are constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with their craft. French Montana, the acclaimed rapper and producer, has recently made waves with his latest mixtape, Mac & Cheese 5. It’s not just the sheer number of tracks—126 songs—that caught everyone’s attention. It’s the inspiration behind this musical marathon that has tongues wagging.

The Taylor Swift connection

French Montana, known for his chart-topping hits and collaborations, revealed the secret sauce behind his extensive mixtape. In an exclusive interview with TMZ, he dropped a bombshell: Taylor Swift was his muse. Yes, you read that right. The same Taylor Swift who has dominated the music industry with her genre-defying albums and record-breaking sales.

The hustle unveiled

So, how did Taylor Swift’s hustle influence French Montana’s creative process? Let’s break it down:

Multiple versions: Swift is no stranger to releasing multiple versions of her albums. From colored vinyl editions to deluxe versions with bonus tracks, she knows how to keep fans engaged. French Montana took a page from her playbook. His mixtape boasts five distinct versions: explicit, clean, sped-up, slowed-down, a capella, and instrumental. Each version caters to a different audience, resulting in a whopping 126 songs. Talk about hustle!

Learning from the best: French Montana openly acknowledges that he’s learning from the best. “Taylor Swift dropped eight versions of her album,” he said. “I’m just learning the hustle from them.” By observing Swift’s strategic moves, he tapped into a goldmine of creativity.

Serving fans: Montana’s fans adore his beats. So, he delivered. The instrumental version satisfies music producers and aspiring artists. DJs get their fix with the a capella version, perfect for blending. And the clean version? Well, that’s for everyone who wants to vibe without explicit lyrics. It’s a win-win.

Why it matters

French Montana’s approach isn’t just about quantity; it’s about versatility. In an era where streaming platforms dominate, having multiple versions ensures broader reach. Whether you’re in the club, creating remixes, or simply enjoying music, there’s a Mac & Cheese 5 track for every mood.

Swift’s legacy lives on

As we eagerly await Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department, we know she’ll continue to redefine the game. Multiple editions, hidden clues, and lyrical masterpieces—Swift’s legacy inspires artists like French Montana to think beyond the ordinary.

So, next time you’re vibing to those 126 tracks, tip your hat to Taylor Swift. Her hustle echoes through the music industry, leaving a trail of creativity for others to follow.