Rapper NBA YoungBoy arrested in cache county: Alleged leader of a large-scale prescription fraud ring

NBA YoungBoy faces 63 charges after months-long investigation
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NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, has been taken into custody by the Cache County Sheriff’s Office after allegedly leading a “large-scale prescription fraud ring” that spanned multiple cities throughout Utah. The rapper, known for his millions of followers, was already serving house arrest when officials executed a search warrant on his property.

The investigation and charges

Federal agents had been monitoring Gaulden’s activities for months, suspecting his involvement in fraudulent prescription drug schemes.

  • Pattern of Unlawful Activity: Gaulden faces a second-degree felony charge related to a pattern of unlawful activity.
  • Identity Fraud: He is accused of 20 third-degree felony charges of identity fraud.
  • Forgery: Gaulden allegedly committed 20 third-degree felony charges of forgery.
  • Drug-Related Misdemeanors: In addition to the felonies, he faces 21 drug-related misdemeanors.

How the fraudulent scheme worked

According to police documents, Gaulden and several associates would call in prescriptions for Promethazine with Codeine at various pharmacies throughout Cache County. This cough suppressant is heavily abused and was fraudulently obtained under false pretenses. Gaulden even posed as a 74-year-old woman during one of the calls, using actual identification for a physician in the Provo area. The pharmacist became suspicious when the clinic’s phone number didn’t match the one used for the prescription.

Apprehension and search warrant

Police were able to apprehend two women driving a vehicle registered to Gaulden. These women claimed they were picking up the prescription for a “friend” but refused to provide a name. The next day, a person identifying as Gaulden’s “business manager” called the Cache County Sheriff’s Office to retrieve the impounded vehicle.

During that call, the deputy spoke directly to Gaulden, who denied any knowledge of the fraudulent prescriptions. However, investigators found several prescription bottles with fraudulent names in Gaulden’s multi-million dollar mansion during the execution of a search warrant. Additionally, an unsecured gun was discovered in the master bedroom closet.

Impact on NBA YoungBoy’s career

As news of his arrest spreads, fans and industry insiders are left wondering about the impact on NBA YoungBoy’s career. With 63 charges pending against him, including serious felonies, the rapper’s legal troubles could significantly affect his music and public image. Concerts, album releases, and collaborations may be put on hold as he navigates the legal process. The entertainment world watches closely to see how this unfolds.

NBA YoungBoy’s alleged involvement in a prescription fraud ring has shocked fans and raised questions about the intersection of fame, crime, and the music industry. As the legal proceedings continue, the rapper’s future hangs in the balance, and the consequences of his actions reverberate throughout the hip-hop community.