Review of A Gift & a Curse album by Gunna

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Positive takeaways from A Gift & a Curse

The one aspect of Gunna that will never change is his flow and ability to ride beats at a near perfect rate. He just fits the mold of an Atlanta rapper in 2023, and it has been that way for a good amount of time. The first song that really caught my attention was "idk nomore." This track is Gunna explaining his loss of the people around him, while having to accept the harsh reality.

Most of the shots are directed at Lil Baby, who was one of Gunna's closest allies in hip-hop. They were frequent collaborators, but Lil Baby has distanced himself throughout the past year. Gunna addresses how he helped Lil Baby in his career, but now he switched up on him.

""'Member we was cool? I gave you s**t when I didn't use it""

Gunna - "idk nomore"

Furthermore, Gunna is very open about his love for Young Thug and wishing for his freedom. Young Thug has not issued a statement in the midst of Gunna potentially being a snitch, but the love is still there from one side. "ca$h $**t" is one of those songs where he mentions Young Thug. That song showcases another great flow from Gunna, while speaking on some of the topics we want from him.

The best song on the album, and one of the best song I've heard this year thus far, has to be "fukumean." That track is amazing. Gunna was great with his flow and matching well with the production. However, the production is what stole the show. Huge props to Dunk Rock and Flo for that beat. The beats itself on the album are good, which is not a surprise for a Gunna album.

To close out the album, "Alright" is a reflection on moving forward, while acknowledging your mistakes. Gunna is aware of the damage that has been done, but there is hope that he and YSL can be alright in the end.