Review of A Gift & a Curse album by Gunna

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Negative takeaways from A Gift & a Curse

15 songs of just Gunna can be a tough sell in all honesty. I like Gunna, but there needs to be a break at times. It can be repetitive with topics and lyrics from Gunna. I understand we are not hear for Gunna's lyrics, but this is the one time it was important to a certain degree.

I am not saying he did not address the rumors surrounding his name, but he was a little too cautious at times. The video of him in the courtroom is still out there with no real explanation. We know that was part of the plea and that he felt like it was a set up, but what is wrong with that video that we don't know about? That was the part I was hoping he would dive into a little bit more.

Certain tracks like "P Angels" seem out of place and just filler for the most part. Gunna is not the most introspective artist out there, which can be seen at points within this album. However, the attempts are there, which is an improvement for his career.