Rick Ross’ private jet makes crash landing in Dallas as he jokingly blames Drake

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Hip-hop mogul Rick Ross found himself in a hair-raising situation when his private jet reportedly crash-landed in Dallas. The incident occurred shortly after the rapper’s performance at The Garden Restaurant & Bar in Dallas. Ross, known for his hit tracks like “Hustlin’” and “Aston Martin Music,” took to social media to share the harrowing experience. But what’s even more intriguing? He playfully pointed the finger at none other than rapper Drake for the mishap.

The incident

On Thursday, May 2, Ross’s Gulfstream G-5 business jet touched down at Arlington Municipal Airport in Texas. However, things didn’t go as planned. The left main gear got stuck in the grass while taxiing after landing, according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials. Photos of the stranded jet circulated online, sparking confusion and rumors that it had crashed.

Ross vs. Drake: The feud continues

Ross wasted no time in addressing the situation. He humorously claimed that a fighter jet—allegedly piloted by Drake—had shot at his aircraft, forcing him into an emergency landing. Yes, you read that right! The ongoing feud between the two rappers took an unexpected turn from the recording studio to the skies.

The backstory

The Ross-Drake beef has been simmering for a while. Just a month before the incident, Ross released a diss track titled “Champagne Moments,” aimed squarely at Drake. In response, Drake fired back with his own diss track, “Push Ups,” where he took shots at several artists, including Ross. Despite their past collaborations on hits like “Aston Martin Music” and “Diced Pineapples,” tensions remain high between the two rap heavyweights.

Ross’ playful Jab

Ross’s playful jab at Drake’s alleged involvement in the crash adds a layer of intrigue to the story. The rapper tweeted,

"My jet just crashed; Drake Oho F16 fighter jet just shot us down” alongside the hashtag #rickrosscarshow and #BBLDRIZZY1"

It’s clear that Ross isn’t taking the situation too seriously, but the internet is buzzing with speculation.

FAA clarifies the situation

Despite Ross’s humorous take, FAA officials clarified that the jet’s mishap was merely a case of getting stuck in the grass during taxiing. No fighter jets were involved, and everyone on board was safe. So, while the drama unfolded online, the reality was less dramatic than Ross’s initial account.

Rick Ross’s reported crash landing in Dallas has become the latest headline in hip-hop news. Whether it’s a genuine mishap or an elaborate joke, one thing is certain: Ross knows how to keep fans talking. As for Drake, he hasn’t responded to the playful accusation yet. Perhaps he’s too busy perfecting his next hit or planning his own aerial maneuvers.