The Game Claims G-Unit's Collective Success Only Benefited 50 Cent Financially.

Navigating the Rap Landscape: The Game's Candid Reflections on G-Unit, Independence, and Past Rivalries with 50 Cent.
50 Cent
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The Game acknowledges the impact 50 Cent and G-Unit had on his career but reveals that he felt his affiliation with the group didn't bring the expected benefits.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the Los Angeles native discussed his time with the New York-based crew. Despite not being officially signed to the label, The Game expressed frustration over not receiving compensation for his involvement with G-Unit.

While appreciating the career boost, he admitted, “I always felt like if I didn’t sign – I mean, I didn’t sign with G-Unit. I was never signed to G-Unit. But I always felt like if I never got put in G-Unit or Dr. Dre never signed me to Aftermath, I would still be sitting here talking to you with the same track record. Because I’m the type of n-gga if I put my mind to something and I say this is what I want to do, that is just simply what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna achieve it…"

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The Game desired to establish himself as a solo artist and felt that the stint with G-Unit, while appreciated, wasn't essential for his success.

"I appreciated the pit stop, but I don't think that I needed G-Unit to be Game," he emphasized. The rapper highlighted his independence and desire to be his own boss, stating, "I felt like I was my own boss, and I'm a king in my own right, so I needed to stand on my own two."

Despite the past rivalry between 50 Cent and The Game, their relationship has since become more amicable. However, there was a time when tensions were high, and a potential confrontation at Tim Thomas' birthday party loomed. According to former NBA star Thomas, The Game was tracking 50 Cent's movements with hopes of a face-off.

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During a celebration at Diddy's Soul Food Restaurant in NYC, The Game approached Thomas, expressing a need to talk about 50 Cent. Snoop Dogg, present at the party, ultimately played a role in averting a showdown between the two rap heavyweights.
The evolution of The Game's career and relationships within the hip-hop scene adds layers to the ongoing narrative of artists navigating the challenges and triumphs of the industry.

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