T.I. unveils his surprising top Atlanta rappers: From OutKast,Young Thug,Future,21 Savage, to 2 Chanz

Pandora Playback With P$C: T.I., Young Dro, Mac Bonney, & Big Kuntry King
Pandora Playback With P$C: T.I., Young Dro, Mac Bonney, & Big Kuntry King / Prince Williams/GettyImages

In a candid interview on Shaquille O’Neal’s The Big Podcast with Shaq, rap icon T.I. pulled back the curtain on his personal list of the top Atlanta rappers. Known for his lyrical prowess and influential role in shaping the Southern hip-hop scene, T.I. didn’t hold back. Brace yourselves, because some of his picks might just raise an eyebrow or two.

The countdown

  1. OutKast: No surprises here. The legendary duo of André 3000 and Big Boi remains an indomitable force in Atlanta’s rap legacy.
  2. Goodie Mob: Another iconic group that laid the foundation for Southern hip-hop.
  3. Young Thug: T.I. acknowledges Thugger’s unconventional style and impact on the game.
  4. Future: The autotune crooner who transcended boundaries and birthed countless hits.
  5. 21 Savage: Unexpected? Absolutely. But T.I. praises Savage’s raw authenticity.
  6. Domani Harris: T.I.'s own son makes the cut. An underrated talent, according to the King of the South.
  7. Kilo Ali: A nod to the pioneers who paved the way for Atlanta’s rap scene.
  8. 2 Chainz: The man with the charisma and wordplay to match.

The debate

T.I. has never shied away from discussing trap music’s figureheads. In a previous interview, he declared himself, Gucci ManeYoung Jeezy, and Future as the Mount Rushmore of trap. But the fourth spot was up for debate, and the people spoke: Future claimed it.

Atlanta rap influence

T.I. is a key figure in Atlanta rap, renowned for his unique style and impact. Opting for music over drug dealing in the late 1990s, T.I. introduced his distinct lyrical skills and Southern flair. His debut album, "I'm Serious," launched his influential career.

T.I.'s influence shaped Atlanta's rap scene, blending authenticity with lyrical depth and addressing themes of poverty and resilience. Collaborations with local artists defined the city's trap sound. Beyond music, T.I. advocated for social change, solidifying his status as a cultural icon. His legacy continues to inspire hip-hop culture in Atlanta and beyond.

From the OGs to the unexpected stars, T.I.'s list celebrates the city’s rich musical heritage. So, next time you’re vibing to an Atlanta banger, remember the names that shaped the sound.