Tony Yayo discloses profits from 50 Cent's final lap tour: 'The financial gain is impressive'

50 Cent In Concert - Brooklyn, NY
50 Cent In Concert - Brooklyn, NY / Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

Tony Yayo, a G-Unit member, recently revealed that he garnered a substantial six-figure income while acting as a supporting act on 50 Cent's Final Lap Tour. The tour covered over 70 cities in more than 20 countries from July to December last year. Although specific figures were not disclosed, the "So Seductive" rapper highlighted the significant financial success he enjoyed during the international journey, noting that 50 Cent himself earned millions exclusively from tour merchandise.

In a recent VladTV interview, Tony Yayo delved into a comprehensive financial breakdown of 50 Cent's monumental Final Lap Tour. Portraying the experience of touring with 50 Cent as a cinematic adventure, he refuted the idea that the G-Unit mogul is a "bad guy."

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"You gotta understand, lot of artists don’t get treated [well],” he said. “People think that Fif is a bad guy, but when you’re staying in the Four Seasons, you got the Eiffel Tower there, you staying at the W in Bahrain sipping Ranis on the water. There’s an F1 race track around the hotel. You just missed Giorgio Armani at breakfast. It’s a f**king movie! Working with 50 is a f**king movie, bro!"

"I’m tired, we just did six shows back to back. 50’s running on the stages, lifting cranes, switching seven outfits, he goes to the gym twice a day. 50’s not f**king around. He don’t smoke no weed, he really don’t drink like that. He’s reading scripts, he’s securing movie deals, he got the Louisiana Tyler Perry big-ass type of studios out there. So when you see somebody working like that, it motivates you."

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The Final Lap Tour was highly successful, encompassing over 70 cities across more than 20 countries. Serving as a commemoration of 50 Cent's illustrious career, the tour allowed fans to witness his live performances. Tony Yayo played a crucial role as a supporting act, reaping significant financial rewards from the experience. The tour marked a triumph, and an unforgettable live performance by 50 Cent was delivered.

In summary, Tony Yayo's financial gains from the Final Lap Tour were substantial, and he thoroughly enjoyed touring alongside 50 Cent. The tour, characterized by its overwhelming success, offered fans a unique chance to experience 50 Cent's live performances. Tony Yayo praised 50 Cent's unwavering work ethic and likened the touring experience to an enthralling "movie."

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