Top 4 most underrated Hip-Hop albums of the last 10 years

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1. Cilvia Demo - Isaiah Rashad (2014)

I'll never forget back in 2014, I was in high school, and I was a big Kendrick Lamar and TDE fan. Anything TDE did, I was there for it. So when I heard about this new signee, Isaiah Rashad, I knew i was going to like him off of principle. However, when I listened to Cilvia Demo, I felt a special feeling towards Isaiah Rashad and this album.

I never heard of Isaiah Rashad prior to this album, which was the consensus from everyone else. No one had expectations, but this album was perfect. From beginning to end, you know a lot about his upbringing and hometown. You know about his son and how he feels towards his baby mother. The vulnerability shown by Isaiah Rashad is exceptional for a brand new artist. He seemed so polish in that regard.

This was more than an introduction of a rapper, but more so of a person. Isaiah Rashad shows us that he can rap with the best on "Soliloquy" and his fight with his inner demons on "Heavenly Father." Cilvia Demo is a showcase of versatility. Outside of Kendrick's albums, this is the best TDE project in my eyes. I know a lot will not agree with that opinion, but that is what makes this album so underrated.

When you think of TDE, Isaiah Rashad might be the last person you associate with them. Furthermore, he dropped two other projects that were received well, while going through a leak of personal footage. This album has somewhat disappeared from the public eye, but it should be around forever with how dope this project truly is.

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