Travis and Jason Kelce share a hilarious Eminem cd tossing tale

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Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, recently shared a humorous childhood anecdote on their podcast 'New Heights'. The siblings recounted a moment from their youth when their father, Ed Kelce, tossed Travis's favorite Eminem CD out of the car window.

The story unfolded after Travis mentioned Eminem's recent appearance at an NFL game, prompting Jason to reflect on this amusing memory from their past. Jason amusingly pointed out that.

The Kelce brothers' Eminem anecdote

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end, and his brother Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, recently shared a light-hearted story about their father's reaction to Eminem's music. The brothers revealed that their dad, not a fan of Eminem's explicit lyrics, once threw their favorite Eminem CD out of the car window.

In recounting a humorous childhood incident on their podcast 'New Heights,' Jason Kelce continued the story, addressing his brother Travis. Jason expressed his surprise, saying, "You know what happened to that CD though?" He went on to describe how their dad, Ed Kelce, entered the car after Travis had purchased the Eminem CD, and without hesitation, tossed it out of the window. In a playful tone, Jason expressed disbelief that Travis didn't remember this amusing episode from their past.

"You know what happened to that CD though?” Jason continued. “Dad got into the car after you had bought that CD and he took it out and threw it out the window! I can’t believe you don’t remember this!"

The anecdote highlights a moment many music fans can relate to parental disapproval of their children's music choices. The Kelce brothers' tale resonates with the experience of growing up with generational gaps in music taste.

Eminem's impact on the Kelce brothers

Despite their father's disapproval, it's clear that Eminem's music left a lasting impression on the Kelce brothers. Eminem, known for his rapid-fire delivery and complex lyrics, has influenced many listeners across different walks of life, including these NFL stars.

The story serves as a humorous reminder of parental strictness regarding their children's music preferences and emphasizes the importance of respecting individual choices and preferences.