Troy Ave acknowledges 50 Cent's impact on independent mixtapes and His Personal Influence

Troy Ave Pays Homage: How 50 Cent's Independent Mixtapes Inspired a Brooklyn Rapper's Journey
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Troy Ave recently opened up about his admiration for 50 Cent, acknowledging the impact the G-Unit mogul had on his career, particularly during the era of independent mixtapes. Speaking with Gully TV, the Brooklyn rapper credited 50 Cent for pioneering the independent mixtape movement and shaping his approach to the music industry.

Troy Ave expressed:

"50 is one of my favorite rappers and probably the independent mixtape s**t and the melodic flows. Talking s**t came up independent came out the streets. Nobody did it independent before 50. I see the comparisons in my melodic hooks, remixes, and s**t. 50 was a big influence anyway. I wear the comparisons with pride. I don’t give a f**k. Always did."

Troy Ave

Reflecting on the current state of his relationship with 50 Cent, Troy Ave mentioned that while there was initial support from 50 Cent when he first came home, the connection has waned over time, especially in the aftermath of the 2016 Irving Plaza sh**ting.

"When I first came home he was supportive about it. We spoke. As time goes by, not so much or whatever. I can’t even jack with him; it’s with everybody. Then you see him do things like the Mysonne ‘Taxi Robber’; he reposted the shit or whatever he did. N****s do s**t in their own way. I don’t ever look for or hope for whatever a n***a do. I’m just doing me."

Troy Ave

Troy Ave also referenced the diss track "Taxi Driver," directed at Mysonne in April 2023. The track, which samples 50 Cent's "Window Shopper," stirred controversy, and Mysonne responded by highlighting past interviews where 50 Cent accused Troy Ave of imitating his style.

This revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics in Troy Ave's relationship with 50 Cent, highlighting the evolving nature of alliances and differences within the rap industry. Troy Ave's candid reflections offer a glimpse into the intricacies of maintaining connections in the ever-changing landscape of the music world.

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