Turk comments on B.G.'s Lil Wayne diss: 'I don't think that was necessary'

Turk Disapproves B.G.'s Lil Wayne Diss, Emphasizes Unity Among Hot Boys
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Turk has promptly responded to the recent diss directed at Lil Wayne by B.G., firmly stating his disapproval of any discord among his former Hot Boys comrades. During an interview segment on Big High TV released on Tuesday (January 9), the seasoned Cash Money artist offered his viewpoint on the diss, highlighting that he found it unnecessary, despite his appreciation for the track it was featured on.

"“I think that song is a great song. Everything, man, is cool until the diss come on, y’know what I’m saying? Like me, personally, I don’t feel that was needed, but like B.G. said, we do have a certain way that we talk, and he did come and he cleared it out like a man.”"


The 42-year-old elaborated that fans and listeners will shape the public perception of the relationship between his ex-groupmates. He likened their chemistry to "a reality TV show that’s not being produced or scripted."

B.G. and Lil Wayne have known each other since their teenage years, but issues arose after the former departed Cash Money Records in the early 2000s to launch his own record label.

In the previous week, the iconic "Bling Bling" hitmaker, B.G., collaborated with Finesse2Tymes on a track titled "Gangstafied." However, the collaboration took an unexpected turn as B.G. dissed Lil Wayne, shattering any hopes for a potential Hot Boys reunion tour.

"“My n***a Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing/ My n***a Weezy steady touring but he’s a b***h and it’s showing/ I’m still a living legend, don’t act like you didn’t know it.”"


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Following the song's release, B.G. addressed the controversial lyrics in an online video, clarifying his relationship with Tunechi, whom he referred to as his “little brother.”

"“Y’all don’t understand what the f**k be going on, you know what I’m saying? I tell a n***a I love him and call him a b***h all in the same sentence. It’s a family business, man. Shout out to my little brother, Weezy. I spoke to my little brother last night. Shout out to shorty, man. Still my little bro. Love my little bro. This s**t be complicated.”"