Usher and Lil Jon breaks silence on Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl halftime show absence

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Usher addresses Justin Bieber's absence from Super Bowl Halftime show

Usher has ended long-lasting speculations by his fans and addressed the absence of his mentee and longtime collaborator, Justin Bieber, from the star-studded Super Bowl LIV halftime show. In an Interview with the Hot Nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, Usher, said why Bieber was not part of the show. According to Usher,

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""You know what, it didn’t work out with Justin. I honor and recognize that my brother … I think it might’ve been the fact that he was just wanting to tell a different story right now, and I understand that". "

By the time of the Super Bowl, there were reports that the Bieber would join Usher on his half-time show. Their longtime history of collaborating put forth such a speculation. Nevertheless, the ceremony roster listed a variety of outstanding singers including  

"H.E.R., Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, and from the Black Eyed Peas; just no Bieber"

Usher, the lead singer, told his fans that it is "no big deal" and there is nothing negative between them, but they, indeed, hope to work together, in the future.

Lil Jon also says Justin Bieber was meant to perform with Usher at Super Bowl, but He ‘just wasn’t ready’

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In the same trend, Lil Jon revealed that Justin Bieber was initially asked to perform with Usher at the Super Bowl halftime show, but he did not proceed since he decided to retire. Lil Jon said, that Bieber "just wasn't ready" to cope with all the commitment and responsibility, which goes with performing at such a high-status show.

The Super Bowl halftime performance will take a lot of practice, responsibility and the talent to be able to compose in an environment that is large and fast paced. However, Lil Jon argued that Bieber was not used to that level of preparation or the particular scrutiny that is necessary for a feature in such a high-profile show

It's worth noting that Lil Jon emphasized that Bieber was still there to support Usher and was present at the game, watching the performance from the stands. While fans were hoping to see Bieber join Usher on stage, it seems that he made the decision not to participate due to personal reasons.

Justin Bieber was initially invited to perform with Usher at the Super Bowl halftime show, but he ultimately decided not to participate. According to Lil Jon, Bieber wasn't ready for the responsibility and commitment that comes with performing at such a high-profile event. However, he was present at the game to support Usher.

Despite Bieber's absence, Usher delivered a memorable 13-minute performance, leaving fans swerving with anticipation. And who knows? Maybe in a future Super Bowl, we'll see Justin Bieber take the stage – Usher seems to think so!