Who will be featured in Travis Scotts' album Utopia (speculation)

Travis Scott Performs At E11EVEN During 2023 Miami Race Week
Travis Scott Performs At E11EVEN During 2023 Miami Race Week / Alexander Tamargo/GettyImages
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Hip Hop Twitter is buzzing right now. As this article is being written on May 19, 2023, the upcoming weeks are slated to be one of the most exciting for the world of Hip Hop, with tons of projects scheduled to flood the ears of listeners around the globe. From Almost Healed by Lil Durk on May 26, NAUJOUR by Toosii on June 2, to & Then You Pray For Me by Westside Gunn on June 23, the Hip Hop space is going to be flooded with fresh, creative projects from all angles. Arguably one of the most exciting is Utopia by Travis Scott. The massive hype juxtaposed with the mystery of what the records' contents will entail makes it one of the more exciting of the upcoming announced releases. One of the more exciting things to speculate about is who Travis lined up as collaborators on Utopia.

What are the possible features to be found in Utopia?

Let's take a speculative deep dive into the possible features to be found on Travis Scotts' upcoming album Utopia!

Possible features based on Cactus Jack Records signees

In 2017, Travis Scott started his record label called Cactus Jack Records. Having released 6 studio albums under the company since the label has done very well and is currently slated to produce 2 more studio albums, including Utopia. One of the first places to find possible features for Utopia would be artists that are "in-house". So who is currently signed to Cactus Jack Records?

Sheck Wes
Sheck Wes Attends Harbor NYC / Shareif Ziyadat/GettyImages

Sheck Wes

"Mo Bamba" rapper Sheck Wes has been signed to Cactus Jack Records since 2017 and is the first in our lineup for speculated features. Having released a single project thus far under Cactus Jack Records and an upcoming album set to drop titled Hell 2 Paradise, it could be possible that he may offer some bars on the upcoming Utopia album.