Whoopi Goldberg questions statute of limitations in abuse cases after Diddy assault video and apology

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In a powerful moment on The View, Whoopi Goldberg expressed her shock and concern over the Sean Diddy Combs assault video and his subsequent apology. The incident, which involved Diddy violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, has raised important questions about the statute of limitations for such cases.

As the show played the hotel surveillance video showing Diddy’s violent attack on Cassie, Goldberg addressed the issue head-on. Diddy had repeatedly denied assaulting Cassie, but the newly released footage contradicted his claims. In his apology video, Diddy admitted his behavior was “inexcusable” and expressed disgust at his own actions. He also revealed that he sought professional help and was attending therapy.

Goldberg’s question: Why the statute of limitations?

Goldberg then turned her attention to a critical issue: the statute of limitations. She wondered aloud why there was a time limit on bringing forward assault cases.

" Why isn’t this kind of assault an open-ended matter? she asked. Because if people say, well, you know, she reported it and he denied it and then she proved it, and then they said, well, there’s nothing we can do because the statute of limitations is up. Sunny Hostin, another co-host, explained that the statute of limitations for felony assault is typically around three years in most states, while misdemeanor assault has a shorter limit of about a year and a half."

The discussion continued as the co-hosts grappled with the implications of these limitations. Ana Navarro emphasized that Diddy’s statement was an apology, not a confession. However, Goldberg maintained that it was, in fact, a confession. The debate highlighted the complexity of legal timeframes and the need for reform in addressing assault cases.

Whoopi Goldberg’s impassioned questioning sheds light on an important issue: Should there be a time limit on seeking justice for assault victims? As the debate continues, it’s clear that the statute of limitations remains a topic of concern and debate in the fight against abuse and violence.