50 Cent & Rick Ross: The never-ending beef saga

A complete history of their feud
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For years, these two powerhouse rappers, 50 Cent and Rick Ross, have gone back-and-forth in a feud that seems to have no end. The tension between them began with a wrong look, a juvenile moment that may or may not have occurred, but it created a psychological battle that has lasted about seven years. Unlike typical rap beefs fought solely in the studio, their war played out across all platforms of social media. It’s been a game of battleship, not Pearl Harbor.

The origins

The origin of their beef is murky, but according to reports, it all started with an unpleasant interaction at a BET event in the late 2000s. The Queens rapper, 50 Cent, allegedly gave Rick Ross the ice-cold stare, setting the stage for their ongoing feud.

The musical shots fired

Rick Ross fired the first musical shot in 2009 with his track “Mafia Music,” where he rapped,

" I love to pay your bills, can’t wait to pay your rent / Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain’t asking for a cent. The lyrics took aim at 50 Cent’s personal life, hitting him where it hurt."

50 Cent’s brutal approach

50 Cent, known for his brutal and unapologetic style, responded with equal force. He never shied away from saying names and daring his opponents to reply. In his first video acknowledging the conflict, he declared,

"So I’m deciding to f*** your life up, Rick Ross. I’m gonna f*** your life up for fun. This is not new; I do this all the time."

His relentless pursuit of victory made it seem like Ross was an easy kill.

In retaliation, 50 Cent released "Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)" where he referred to Rick Ross as a "fat f**k." Adding insult to injury, he also leaked an alleged sex tape involving Ross’ baby mother, Lastonia Leviston. Fast forward to 2018, when Ross was hospitalized due to being found unresponsive, 50 Cent took to Instagram to mock his condition.

In a 2020 interview on I Am Athlete, featuring Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor, Rick Ross didn't hold back when discussing 50 Cent's musical prowess. When asked about the prospect of a Verzuz battle against the G-Unit founder, Ross responded,

" Would it truly be entertaining in terms of music? I mean, let's be real. 50 Cent had some major hits back when he had the top producers and artists collaborating on his tracks. That's why, these days, he's struggling to produce anything noteworthy. Rozay might not be able to rescue him from that!"

Rick Ross is essentially saying that a reconciliation or collaboration with 50 Cent is highly unlikely. Meek Mill brings up the positive relationship between himself and Drake, suggesting the possibility of Ross and 50 Cent also resolving their differences and potentially collaborating.

However, Ross dismisses this idea, indicating that he doubts such a scenario will occur. He also implies that 50 Cent is not as wealthy as perceived, and he personally has no interest in beefing with anyone, including 50 Cent, as it's not a smart move given his own success.

" I don’t think 50 Cent and Ross is ever–they’re getting so Rich, well Ross getting so rich” Meek chimed in."

Ross also suggests that 50 Cent might need a job, implying financial insecurity on 50 Cent's part, although this statement could be seen as a dig or sarcasm rather than genuine concern. Overall, Ross seems to emphasize that there's little chance of reconciliation or collaboration with 50 Cent, and he's focused on his own success rather than engaging in any form of beef or confrontation.

The psychological battle

But the battle wasn’t just about music. It was psychological. Rick Ross believes he won, giving 50 Cent his biggest defeat. Curtis Jackson, on the other hand, wholeheartedly disagrees. Their dance continues, with Ross still smiling when he sees 50 Cent. Ross acknowledges the rapper’s ability to hold his head up despite setbacks, bankruptcies, and strained relationships.

The never-ending feud

Fast forward to today, and the beef reignites periodically. Recently, 50 Cent took shots at Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s low album sales for their joint LP, "Too Good To Be True". The feud persists, fueled by pride, ego, and a desire to prove dominance.

In conclusion, the 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef is a saga that transcends music. It’s a psychological battle fought across social media platforms, leaving fans wondering if it will ever end. As they continue to trade verbal blows, one thing remains certain: this feud is far from over.