Young Buck Questions 50 Cent's Desire to 'Ja Rule' Him: 'Why Are You Doing This to Me?'

Young Buck Opens Up About 50 Cent Feud

50 Cent At Rockwell
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Former G-Unit member Young Buck delves into his perplexing relationship with 50 Cent, expressing confusion over 50's apparent vendetta against him. In a candid interview on Wildride! with Steve-O, Buck questions the motives behind 50's actions and draws parallels to 50 Cent's infamous feud with Ja Rule.

Buck voices his bewilderment, wondering aloud:

""I don't know what I did to make him want to see me not feed my children." "

Young Buck

Despite acknowledging past misunderstandings with 50 Cent, Buck emphasizes that he never intended harm to 50 Cent or his family. Instead, he expresses disappointment at the attempts to tarnish his reputation through false narratives and character attacks.

Addressing 50 Cent directly, Young Buck acknowledges their shared history, saying:

""We were once brothers. I've always looked at you as a big brother." "

Young Buck

He questions the necessity of the ongoing hostility, particularly considering 50 Cent's continued success in various ventures, including the TV show Power.

Reflecting on his own mistakes, Buck emphasizes that he never sought to hinder 50 Cent's success or impede his livelihood. The aggressive stance from 50 Cent leaves Buck contemplating whether he is being subjected to a situation reminiscent of the infamous fallout with Ja Rule.

The strained relationship between 50 Cent and Young Buck dates back to 2008 when Buck was expelled from G-Unit. The ensuing years witnessed diss tracks, social media jabs, and Buck attributing his bankruptcy to 50's interference. Buck filed for bankruptcy in 2020, a move that would absolve him of a reported $250,000 debt owed to 50 Cent.

As the complexities of their relationship unfold, Young Buck's candid reflections underscore the intricate dynamics within the world of hip-hop feuds and former alliances.

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