50 Cent champions fair compensation for actors, stands ready to support Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson

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The fame and fortune of the Hollywood movie industry can be exhilarating and devastating at the same time. The excellent aspiration of T, Howard as an actor is a reflection of these inequities are still existent. 

The famous screen actor, well-known for his brilliant performances in films and on TV, a while ago divulged to the world some pretty harsh facts about what he made from his Oscar-awarded flick, “Hustle & Flow” Although he received a nomination for Best Actor at the 38th Academy Awards and was the primary composer for the soundtrack, he got a mere $12,000 for his contribution. Imagine me: yes, her. $12,000 in my wallet at ashower moment.

The struggle for recognition and compensation

The movie, Hustle & Flow, directed by Craig Brewer, was a hardcore drama that joined the journey of a Memphis pimp and rapper (played by Taraji P Henson) to be named Djay badly wanting to escape his life. Howard's amazing performance was just what was needed to bring the film to life and make it as real as it possibly could get.

Even the authenticity of the movie managed to strike a chord in the hearts of those who watched it. He expressed his close connection to the character through his emotional colorings and got him commended and placed him as one of the nominees for the respected Best Actor award.

But here’s where the plot thickens. Despite the accolades, Howard found himself grappling with financial injustice. Paramount, the studio behind the film, listed his character name, “Djay,” in the credits instead of his own name. This seemingly minor detail had significant repercussions. By not using his real name, Howard was denied the ability to claim residuals and performance royalties. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into a role, only to be shortchanged when it came to compensation.

50 Cent to the rescue

Enter 50 Cent, the rap mogul and entrepreneur known for his no-nonsense attitude. When he heard about Howard’s plight, it hit him hard. In a tweet that reverberated across social media, he expressed his outrage:

"This sh*t hurt my stomach to hear @terrencehoward say this."

50 Cent wasn’t just venting; he meant business. His commitment to fair compensation for talent was unwavering. He vowed to ensure that deserving actors received their due. And he wasn’t alone. Last year, Howard took legal action against CAA (Creative Arts Agency), accusing them of prioritizing their interests over his own. The lawsuit centered around the controversial practice of “packaging,” where agencies receive payment for attaching talent to projects. 50 Cent, who recently inked a production deal with Fox, stood firmly by Howard’s side, advocating for justice.

50 cent extend support to Taraji P. Henson

50 Cent extended his support not only to Terrence Howard but also to Taraji P. Henson. After Henson candidly spoke out about pay disparities in Hollywood and her decision to part ways with her former team following her run on the FOX series Empire, 50 Cent stepped up.

"They dropped the ball f### em @tarajiphenson. I’m ready to work, let’s get it! GLG GreenLightGang G-Unit Film & TV"

Henson had criticized her former team for failing to capitalize on the success of her iconic character, Cookie, in Empire. She expressed frustration about the lack of fair compensation and opportunities in the industry. 50 Cent, known for his no-nonsense attitude, offered his hand to ensure that deserving actors like Henson receive their due.

A Call for Change

The entertainment industry thrives on creativity, passion, and talent. But it’s high time we recognize that artists deserve fair compensation for their contributions. Whether it’s on-screen brilliance, chart-topping music, or captivating performances, the people behind the scenes deserve their slice of the pie.

As the spotlight shifts, let’s remember the resilience of actors like Terrence Howard and the unwavering support of champions like 50 Cent. Their voices echo through the corridors of Hollywood, demanding change and fairness. And perhaps, just perhaps, the next time we watch a powerful performance on the big screen, we’ll appreciate not just the artistry but also the fight for what’s right.