50 Cent's tour diss towards Lloyd Banks and Young Buck, eliciting a reaction from Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo addresses 50 Cent's social media jabs and G-Unit dynamics
50 Cent In Concert - Brooklyn, NY
50 Cent In Concert - Brooklyn, NY / Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

The ongoing G-Unit saga takes an intriguing turn as Tony Yayo steps into the spotlight, offering insights into 50 Cent's recent social media jabs directed at fellow G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. In a candid interview with Vlad TV, Yayo opens up about his stance on the situation, revealing his lack of awareness regarding 50's mocking comments about the Final Lap Tour.

As Vlad delves deeper into the conversation, he brings up 50 Cent's comparison of Yayo's arena tour, where he served as a hypeman alongside Uncle Murda, to potentially less-attended shows by Banks and Buck. Yayo, seemingly caught off guard, responds:

""I didn't even know he said that," "

Tony Yayo

Shedding light on the internal dynamics within G-Unit.

Further probed by Vlad on why Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were not part of 50's Final Lap Tour, Yayo treads carefully. While avoiding specifics on Banks, he emphasizes their friendship and Banks' apparent disapproval of Vlad. Regarding Young Buck, Yayo suggests that the decisions surrounding Buck's absence were nuanced, reflecting differing dynamics.

Despite the tension, Yayo dismisses any negativity, stating:

""I didn't grow up with Buck; I grew up with Banks and 50. [But] to me, it's all love," "

Tony Yayo

Expressing a positive outlook amidst ongoing discord. He refers to The Game's recent interview with Vlad, highlighting a lack of disrespect and reciprocating that sentiment.

Tony Yayo's measured response unfolds as a desire for unity and mutual respect within G-Unit. As the dynamics between the members continue to evolve, fans are left intrigued about the future of G-Unit and whether these public exchanges will pave the way for resolution or further discord.

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