Benny The Butcher commends Drake's impact on hip-hop culture

Benny The Butcher Everybody Can't Go Tour - New York, NY
Benny The Butcher Everybody Can't Go Tour - New York, NY / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

Benny the Butcher, the gritty Griselda MC, candidly discussed his major-label debut, Everybody Can’t Go. The album, which faced unexpected challenges during its creation, showcases Benny’s lyrical prowess and artistic growth. Let’s delve into the journey behind this highly anticipated project.

Benny’s path to his major-label debut was far from straightforward. After signing with Def Jam, he took a brief hiatus from music to collect himself. This break allowed him to recharge mentally and prepare for the recording process. Armed with beats from Alchemist and studio invitations from Hit-Boy, Benny returned to the studio. The result? His most polished work yet.

Everybody Can’t Go strikes a balance between gritty street narratives and intentional thematic and sonic advancements. On tracks like “Big Dog,” featuring Lil Wayne, Benny seamlessly blends trap-inspired grooves with traditionalist drums. The Alchemist-produced “TMVTL” showcases his lyrical dexterity as he tears through three beats.

Benny’s collaboration with Drake has been a topic of speculation since 2019. Although the track leaked before the album’s release, it received high praise from fans and critics alike. The leak only added to the anticipation surrounding Everybody Can’t Go.

During an April appearance on Montreality, Benny engaged in a discussion about the renowned rapper. He conveyed his belief that individuals who criticize Drake for creating radio-friendly tracks are merely envious of his exceptional songwriting skills.

"Drake is phenomenal," he opined. "N**gas that hate on Drake pen is jealous. Drake that n**ga, you know what I'm saying. He a fair n**ga, he look out for dudes, give dudes verses and sh*t."

"Drake takes the responsibility of pushing the culture forward," Benny asserted. "When you have a position like he has in the game, you have to do that. He takes that responsibility head on."

Benny the Butcher’s resilience and dedication shine through in his major-label debut. Despite life’s challenges, he continues to push the culture forward, earning respect from hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide. As the album climbs the charts, Benny’s lyrical prowess remains unmatched, solidifying his place in the rap game.

Benny The Butcher Praises Drake For Pushing The Culture Forward captures the essence of an artist who defies adversity and delivers music that resonates with listeners. Benny’s journey—from setbacks to triumphs—serves as a testament to the power of authenticity and creativity in hip-hop.