Benzino takes aim at Eminem in fiery new diss track "Vulturius" – Hip-hop community divided

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The longstanding rivalry between Benzino and Eminem heats up with Benzino's latest track, featuring a sample from Scarface.

Benzino has reignited his feud with Eminem through a scorching diss track titled "Vulturius." Sampling the iconic Scarface theme, Benzino unleashes a torrent of accusations against Eminem, targeting his character, family, and fanbase.

The feud traces its roots back to the early 2000s when Benzino, co-owner of The Source magazine, criticized Eminem for what he perceived as exploitation of hip-hop culture. Eminem responded with blistering diss tracks like "The Sauce," "Nail in the Coffin," and "Bully," attacking Benzino's credibility and skills. Tensions escalated when The Source releaased tapes of Eminem using racial slurs, leading to a public apology. Despite periods of calm, Benzino has persistently targeted Eminem, branding him as "the rap Hitler" and "the worst thing to happen to hip-hop."

"Vulturius" marks Benzino's latest assault in the ongoing feud. Teasing his upcoming album, The Antidote, Benzino declared on Instagram,

"This is not a mixtape. This is a statement. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to expose the truth." In a snippet from the track, Benzino raps, "You ain't never been a part of this culture / You just a vulture / You just a honky with a mic / You just a culture parasite"

The response to "Vulturius" has divided hip-hop fans. While some applaud Benzino's boldness and lyrical prowess, others dismiss him as irrelevant and attention-seeking. Speculation swirls as to whether Benzino has gained ground, given Eminem's silence. However, supporters argue that Eminem's legacy speaks volumes, rendering a response unnecessary and portraying Benzino as seeking validation.

Benzino, known for his reality TV appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Marriage Boot Camp, has yet to address feedback or announce the release date of The Antidote. He hinted at more diss tracks targeting Eminem affiliates like 50 Cent, Royce da 5'9", and Joyner Lucas.