Eminem urges Matthew Stafford to grant Detroit a victory in Rams-Lions Playoff Match

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Detroit Lions superfan Eminem has a heartfelt message for Matthew Stafford in anticipation of the Rams-Lions playoff showdown. In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), the renowned rapper implores the former Lions quarterback to allow his former city to "claim this one." The Lions are set to face the Rams on Sunday Night Football during the wild card weekend.

The video showcases Eminem, a 15-time Grammy winner and native of Detroit, requesting Stafford to do him a solid by letting the Lions secure the win. The rapper mentions his support for Stafford during the quarterback's victorious Super Bowl campaign with the Rams. Stafford and the Rams emerged victorious in Super Bowl 56 against the Cincinnati Bengals with a score of 23-20.

"Stafford, what'd I say? You owe me this favor, bro. I was there for you when you won [Super Bowl LVI]...I was right there. I rapped for you, Stafford. Bro, I rapped for you. Can you just let us have this one? Just this one.""

Eminem himself was the halftime performer that year, contributing to a highly acclaimed show featuring big names in hip-hop like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar.

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Despite the Lions harboring Super Bowl aspirations, their first home playoff game in three decades coincides with a face-off against their former star quarterback, Matthew Stafford, and his Los Angeles Rams. Stafford holds several all-time records for the Lions, including passing yards, passing touchdowns, wins, and yards per game.

Drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in 2009 after the Lions' winless season, Stafford led the team to the playoffs within three years. Though he didn't guide the Lions to the Super Bowl, he gained immense respect from the team's fans.

In 2021, Stafford was traded to the Los Angeles Rams, where he clinched a Super Bowl victory in his first season. While Lions fans were saddened to see Stafford succeed elsewhere, they were pleased to witness the long-underappreciated quarterback earn well-deserved respect.

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