DDG - 'Maybe It's Me' album review

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DDG is someone that can be known for different reasons. One of which is due to rise on Youtube throughout the past decade. DDG graduated from high school as the valedictorian, but pursued a career in being a Youtuber when he saw himself making a profit, while in college. However, DDG really wanted to pursue a career in something more serious.

DDG always was fascinated with music, but around 2016 was when he began to take it to a new level. Fast forward to 2023 and DDG is known for not only the Youtube content, but also the music. DDG has tried to put himself in the same realm as other successful artists.

The truth of the matter is that his music is known, but for the wrong reasons. DDG does have a fanbase, but it was built off of his Youtube career. The hip-hop community has not connected to that side of DDG, which leads to harsh criticism of his music. That leads us to his new project, Maybe It's Me. Let's just say this will not be making any top five's for the year.

Positive takeaways from Maybe It's Me

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Negative takeaways from Maybe It's Me

Where do I even begin with this album? The very first song is a jumbled mess from start to finish. There are several switch-ups with the beats and DDG does not do himself any favors with his whining. He speaks on his relationship and how he doesn't feel comfortable with her kissing men in movies. It sounds like Drake when he first came out, but 100000 times worse.

For the next few tracks, DDG is desperately trying to pull off this laid back, sexy persona that is simply not working. Everything seems so boring and mundane; from the verses to the production. There is just no energy whatsoever from this man. DDG seems to want to work in a blend of Drake melodies with Weeknd lyrics, while going for a Future laid back style. He went 0-3 on that execution.

Then the worst part of this entire album is the man putting the same song, with remixes, back-to-back-to-back. There is no break in between either; it plays as if it is one extremely long song. The song is titled, "I'm Geekin", which, is not a bad song on it's own. However, the remixes and continuously loop of it, completely dismantles any enjoyment you can have with that track.

The saving grace is that the album is less than 35 minutes long. DDG might not be a good rapper, but a good entertainer. This album falls flat.

Overall rating of Maybe It's Me by DDG

Overall Rating: 1/10

Best Tracks: I'm Geekin (one with Luh Tyler)

Worst Tracks: Everything else on the album