DJ Akademiks Sparks Twitter Rant Against Metro Boomin in Recent Stream

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DJ Akademiks, a seasoned hip-hop and entertainment news writer with over a decade of experience, is no stranger to controversy.  In a recent Twitter outburst and live stream, he gave a strong reply after Metro Boomin liked a tweet about Ak's relationship problems.

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With just one Twitter like from Metro Boomin, DJ Akademiks erupted into a vehement rant against the producer. The tweet in question delves into Ak's girlfriend's alleged actions, emphasizing that he hasn't left the relationship despite the turmoil.

"DJ Akademiks girlfriend: smashed an egg on his face, cut his Wi-Fi in the middle of a live stream, slammed a door on his mom’s hand, cheated on him, had a friend set up a home invasion, [and] stole $500K from eight safes in his home. He stayed with her. True loyalty. Ten toes." When Ak caught wind of this, he didn't hold back on Twitter.

"@MetroBoomin You a a b***h a** n***a," DJ Akademiks wrote on Saturday evening (December 30). "Dont like s**t bout me you h*e a** n***a... everytime i violated u ... u basically ran and tuck your tail.. @MetroBoomin your b***h a** aint respond to drake... u a known hoe.. go mourn in peace u s**thead. @MetroBoomin you a sucka n***a... tweet a deleter.. .a True pure 100% fishcale p***y. Sensistive beatmaker who throw stones and hide ur hand.... Keep mourning u b***h a** n***a and keep my f***ing name out of ur likes and mentions."

He continued

"@MetroBoomin remember you the same b***h a** n***a who made No Jumper pull a interview w/ you because your sensitive a** didn't change your tampon that damn day..." DJ Akademiks continued. "your a** should be in the studio making beats and stay tf off Twitter/Instagram/YT." While on stream, the former Everday Struggle host also went hard at Metro Boomin, and many folks are reacting to it wildly online. Some particularly called out Ak's references to "mourning," a vile and disrespectful reference to the producer's mother's passing a year and a half ago.

It's worth noting that DJ Akademiks is currently facing accusations related to sexual assault and grooming minors, particularly concerning his comments about 17-year-old girls. However, as of now, there are no known sexual allegations against him. Moreover his home got raid recently in connection to this same allegations.

In December 2018, Akademiks' ex-girlfriend, Angelica, made serious allegations, accusing him of cheating, abusive behavior, and inappropriate actions. Despite these claims, there are no known sexual allegations against him.

While these accusations remain unverified at the time of writing, the narrative could take a darker turn in 2024. DJ Akademiks appears to have concluded 2023 with significant conflict, leaving followers disheartened by the unfolding events.

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