E-40 Reflects on 50 Years of Hip-Hop in an Exclusive Interview

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - November 15, 2023
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - November 15, 2023 / Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

In a candid and downright groovy interview, the West Coast's very own rap pioneer, E-40 (alias Earl Stevens), opened up about his wild ride through the hip-hop galaxy. As the genre hits the half-century mark, E-40 spills the tea on his '90s ascent, where he dropped over 30 albums and blessed our eardrums with chart-busters like "Tell Me When to Go."

Gear up, because E-40 is gearing up for a lit performance at the Grammy salute bash, rubbing shoulders with hip-hop royalty like LL Cool J and Queen Latifah. He dishes the deets on why this concert feels like a "big family reunion," promising not just a show but a vibe that's groovier than a drive-in movie.

But let's rewind the cassette tape a bit – how does E-40 stay relevant in an industry that changes beats like the weather? According to the man himself, it's a mix of keeping it real, having faith in the big man upstairs, and doing the time warp when needed. The West Coast legend gets real about the struggle of staying true to his roots while riding the ever-shifting wave of music trends.

Speaking of the current state of hip-hop, E-40 ain't holding back. He throws shade at the lack of spice, pointing out how everyone's sounding like they got stuck on the copy machine. This hip-hop storyteller insists on shaking things up, reminding us that there's more to life than just the same old, same old.

But E-40 is more than just a lyrical wordsmith; he's got the recipe for success outside the studio. Enter the kitchen with "Goon with the Spoon," a cookbook born from a song collab with his cousin B Legit. Snoop Dogg, no stranger to the kitchen himself, jumps on board to bring this culinary creation to life. Talk about a hip-hop flavor explosion!

As E-40 gears up for his 38th album, he credits his motivation to the die-hard fans craving some real talk. Forget the one-hit wonders; E-40 is all about giving people music that speaks to every emotion, from the highs to the lows.

In a world where hip-hop's future is as unpredictable as a plot twist in a '90s sitcom, E-40 wraps up with a bold statement. He's not vibing with the current scene, calling out the lack of creativity and the sea of sameness. It's a call to arms for the game-changers and storytellers who dare to be different.

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So, mark your calendars, folks! E-40 is set to light up the Grammy salute to 50 years of hip-hop on December 10th. Get ready for a dose of nostalgia, a dash of reality, and a lot of E-40 magic. It's not just an interview; it's a journey through the beats, rhymes, and life of a West Coast legend who's still dropping gems


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